Post written in June/July 2014:



**  You turned 6 years old in May

**  That seems so grown up to me and you sure have matured recently

**  You are in Year 2 at school

**  Despite being one of the youngest in your year, and the fact that you are in a blended year 2/3 class with some children turning 8 this year, you are excelling at school. You are in the top maths and reading group in your class. Such a smart cookie!

**  You also came second in the school book review competition. I couldn’t be prouder of your efforts!

**  You are still in love with dancing and this year it is all about tap.

**  In March you competed in your first tap competition and came away with 5 awards for the weekend including a 3rd place in the beginners any age category and a special incentive award for encouragement to keep at it. In your May comp you came first in your age bracket. You worked really hard this term for those, so well done!

**  You are very energetic and bubbly. In fact you are never still, even fidgeting in your sleep!
(Sometimes, as you know, this fidgeting does get on my nerves because you are A.L.W.A.Y.S tapping and I cannot hold a conversation with you while you are fidgeting so much).

**  You are very independent and self sufficient these days. I am particularly enjoying the fact that even though you wake early, you stay in your room and keep yourself productively busy, or go and make yourself breakfast. This is a new phase we are entering into and we both enjoy the rewards it brings.

** You are a social butterfly and have many close friends. It’s a joy seeing you interact and be so relaxed around people of all ages.

**  Last term you also went to swimming lessons. You have always been quite nervous around water, but last term we saw you go from being too afraid to put your head under water, to being able to swim a few metres unaided, and dive for coins on the bottom of the pool. I can’t stress the transformation, it was unbelievable. You have not yet mastered breathing to the side, but you are close, and I’m sure once you master the breathing you will be swimming lengths in no time.

**  You have a strong faith in God,  and love to go to church with your grandparents on a Sunday.

**  You are an encourager and a gift giver, always writing me special notes that say “Mum I love you” or especially “Mum you are the best Mum ever”.

**  I can tell that you are very musical. You love to sing and much to my amazement weeks after me giving you a quick piano lesson, you could play the 3 songs I ran through with you, perfectly in time. This is something I will nurture in time, and we will move my grandmother’s (her name was also Hannah) piano to our house as soon as we find a “spare” $300 to move it.




**  You will turn 4 years old in a few weeks time.

**  You have really settled into Kindy/Preschool now, and this term will increase from 3 days per week to 5 days per week when I go working full time. We usually no longer have crying mornings now, which is such a relief!

**  Just recently, I have seen a huge rise in your maturity level, and you have really shot up in height. It is scaring me how grown up you are getting so quickly!

**  You are my cuddler and your love language is without a doubt physical touch. Mine is too, so I love how you are always reaching out to hold my hand when we walk, even though you no longer really need to for safety reasons. If we sit watching a movie you are always sitting on top of me as close as you can get.

**  Most of the time you no sleep in your own bed without waking, but a few mornings a week I still wake up and see you asleep next to me. These days you tend to sneak in without me even noticing. I never mind waking up to a smiling, brown-eyed girl, even though you usually have a cheeky guilty look on your face.

**  You have an amazing imagination and can play by yourself for hours. You always play in an American accent though – it cracks your Papa up. I don’t know where that comes from, because we don’t let you watch much TV, but it is one of your endearing quirks.

Love Mum


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