These are the things I wish to remember about my girls in the years to come…


**  You are currently 3 years and 9 month

**  You have just started school.

** Currently (although I’m aware that it is early days) you are so excited on school days that by 7am you have dressed your own self in your school uniform, packed up your school bay and are begging me to take you. You get quite huffy when I say it’s not time yet. In fact the other day you even went and ‘told on me’ to your Daddy in the kitchen (and 6.50am)… “Daddy! Mummy is REFUSING to take me to school!!”… what you needed to add at the end of that sentence was the vital word “yet” – because trust me, I was more than happy to take you by that stage in the morning 😀

**  This is the view of you that I get on our way to school… I’m so proud of your confidence and courage. Upon arrival at school you instantly find an activity to play with and don’t look back at me after our kiss goodbye. You just love it!

**  You have such a strong will and we are having a bit of a run of ‘talking back’ at the moment. Part of me thinks it’s endearing because it shows that you are growing up to be such a strong young woman, but right now it’s unacceptable and you spend a fair amount of your day by choice in time out learning that you need to follow the rules and not talk back.

** We have finally got you weaned off bottles. What a battle. You were were way to old to still be having them, but since you’re not a big eater or drinker I got soft for a while and that made it SO much harder to break that attachment. But thank goodness that’s over now…

**  You are getting very good with your letter and number recognition. I’m not sure what your main source of learning these is, but all I know is that it’s working because you surprise me whenever you see signs or whatever by telling me which letters are which. You love to read and write!

And paint, and draw, and do playdough and glue and cut and stick and …. the list goes on. Basically anything and all things messy. But what’s new.

**  You have been quite sick recently with one thing after another. But you have impressed me with your bravery and ability to cope with it.

**  It still impresses me how much you love all people and will get on with people of all ages. I hope this quality in your remains. For example when your Maia (grandmother) walked off the plane from England, even though you hadn’t seen her or really talked to her in over a year, you flew into her arms with excitement about her visit and tootled off holding her hand and chatting her ear off.  Nobody could call you shy, but what a blessing.



**  You have just turned 18 months old

**  I say this every time, but you are growing up so fast and there’s barely any baby left in you these days.

**  You’re still my danger mouse child and are looking particularly hard done by right at the moment with a huge big bump on your forehead from falling down the front steps head first, and a chip out of your tooth from crashing into the table.

I am really gutted you did that! But I resign myself with the fact that at least it’s a baby tooth not a big tooth!
** Please stop having accidents though – I feel like it reduces my life by a couple of years every time you have one or I see you have a near miss!

**  You are starting to get interested in things your sister loves. Like babies and dressing up – as you can see from the photo. You have also developed her fondness for shoes and often bring me your shoes to put on you even though we’re not planning to go out. Or cuter still you walk around the house in my shoes. Or 1 play high heel – because you aren’t quite up to walking in 2 high heels yet. And quite right too… don’t rush these things!

Funnily enough, as I write this (on your Father’s watch) you have just come and thrown my shoes onto my lap. I’m not quite sure what you expect me to do with them…

**  You love your Daddy so much. You really miss him when he goes anyway or goes to school. Which is really the nice way of saying that you whinge when he’s gone. It wears thin I can tell you.

**  You are starting to say more words but still not a huge bunch yet. I’m hanging out for the day that you stop being stubborn and actually call me Mummy instead of just whinge at me. So far your favourites are “gone”, “chair”, “shoe”, “good morning”, and that’s about all I can think of that you say very regularly. You say copies of short sentences too but I can’t recall what they are. I think you’re probably trying to run before you can walk again and one day will just come out with a clear sentence and astound me…

**  You still love to dance. Music = dancing in  your world. It’s a simple and logical equation really isn’t it.

**  I still can’t quite pick what kind of personality you are likely to be. You are such an observer but you are far from shy. And then you definitely have your fiesty streak…. oh yes, it’s Abbie’s way or the highway (Waterworks Road). Period.

**  You are not a “touchy feely” girl and don’t appreciate other children particularly encroaching on your personal space. Adults (especially Mummy & Daddy) are ok, but just not other kids. Nope – no touching or hugging allowed thanks! You actually have one little friend who you see coming and quickly back away into the safety of my legs because God forbid she should hug you. It’s pretty funny to watch. Not like your sister then who walks around holding hands with her friends and hugging them to death.

**  You love to draw or paint or stick or glue etc… just like you sister & I though. Mind you anything Hannah gets to do you have to do too. Oh yes!

**  You are still very cheeky and like to watch me as you do your rat bag (danger mouse) antics with a cheeky smile on, just to see what I’ll do.

Love the both of you to bits!

Love Mummy

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  1. Oh I really like this. We’re so close to adopting and I think I’ll try to do something like this as well. Such a great way to remember the things that slip our memory way to soon. How often do you sit down and do this? Just when it strikes you or are you trying to do it on a schedule?

    And I love the thoughts about each one’s personalities. They are so going to enjoy being able to see themselves through your eyes one day.

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