My two beauties...

These are things I wish to remember about my girls in years to come…


**  You are just about to turn 4.
Hannah in her element...
**  You are very excited about turning 4 but are quick to tell people that after 4 you’ll be 5, and 6, and 7, and 8, and 9, and so it goes on…

**  You are sad that you are not getting a party this year because you are obsessed with birthdays and parties and they’re just about all you talk about. But Mummy has said no party this year because she is mean and doesn’t want to feed the obsession. I don’t want you to learn to expect them that’s all and you had a big party last year.

**  Recently you have been very happy, despite being quite sick repeatedly. Your teacher at school even commented on how happy and smiley you have been this term not just once but several times. It’s so nice to see you happy because it has not always been the case this year!

**  Your behaviour has been a lot better as a result.

**  I suspect it is because Daddy has been home for a month now and Mummy has also slowed down with her work so that she can spend more time with you. Suffice to say that you are enjoying the new pace!
I am trying not to think of the challenges that may come when Daddy goes back away again for work…

**  You are loving ballet! Every day after school you ask if it’s time to go to ballet and I have to remind you the day of the week you go.
You have your first concert coming up and your costume is SO cute. I’m gutted that I’m going to be away in the UK for it because I don’t get to see you dance at your lessons and I want to be there for you. But Daddy will be there to support you and he misses so much that it will be great for him to have this special time with you.

**  Your latest craft obsession seems to be painting. Which can be frustrating for me if I have work to do because it’s the one which requires the most time and supervision.

**  Every day when I pick you up from school this is our dialogue:
Me: “So what did you do at school today Hannah?”
You: “Well I didn’t do any painting!”
Me: “Ok so what DID you do…”
A testament to how much your life revolves around it!

**  For the first time in your complete life you have been eating very well recently. You are more willing than you have ever been to try new foods and eat vegetables. I even got you to eat asparagus yesterday, although 1 stalk proved to be enough. It’s so nice to see you not just eating but eating the right foods, and you have been healthier overall for it!

The pretty things snatcher...**  You are also very keen to help in the kitchen and we have been doing a lot of baking together. You love to turn the handle of the sifter the most – that is your favourite. Otherwise you are my “tipper” and get to tip all the measured ingredients in. Well no, actually now that I think about it licking the spoon & bowl is your favourite. Big surprise there LOL…

**  One thing that I could do without is that you are going through a phase of taking my things.
Once I found a mysterious piece of glass in the hallway then noticed the next day that my perfume was missing. I don’t think the rest needs spelling out… luckily it hadn’t broken completely and it was just a splinter off the side.
Ever since then my things have gone missing on a regular basis. It can take me hours or days to find them.
The other day I’d also taken my rings off to do something and I found you curled up on the couch wearing the biggest one. Expensive taste just like your mother apparently….



Abbie in her element...**  You are about 21 1/2 months ish. I always lose track of the amount of months so lets just call you nearly 2 shall we…

**  You have been a very sad girl the last 3 months riddled with a horrible giardia bug. It has finally been picked up properly and treated but as a result you are now even smaller for your age. You were already at the bottom end of the graph but now you are almost off the chart. I will continue to have Mothers guilt about not getting a second opinion about treatment but I guess the main thing is that you are on the mend now…

**  You have also had croup this last week and I’ve seen a dramatic change in your behaviour to be very clingy for the first time. You have wanted me to carry you everywhere all week and cry every time I put you down or leave the room. I’m hoping it’s a very short phase!

**  You are coming out with new words every day now and finally starting to string sentences together. Recently we had the first 4 word sentence… “Mummy- Daddy car gone.”

**  You’ve also developed the ability to talk back already. A good example is:
Me: “Abbie take your feet off the table please…”
You: “No.”
Me: “Yes”
You: “Why?!”
Me: “You have been spending too much time with your sister!! *Sigh”

**  If it’s not talking back then you have the ‘I can’t hear you and I’m going to play deaf’ thing down pat too…

**  It’s wonderful watching you develop and learn though. Your favourite toy right now is your baby. You love giving her a bottle and taking her for walks in her stroller. God forbid Hannah should have the baby you want and vice versa.

**  You’re also a bit obsessed with backpacks. Every day Hannah goes to school you have to pack a bag for you and spend the day putting things in and out of it. It’s quite charming but boy it makes a lot of mess as you tend to discard contents around the house as you go then start again. Not to mention I can never find a thing.
But it’s so cute. Sometimes you even have 3-4 on the go over your shoulder at a time.

**  You’ve gotten used to Hannah going to school now. At first you hated it and used to cry all morning but now you LOVE it. You love having your own space to play with your toys without being told what to do and having your big sister dominate. You’re still pretty pleased to pick her up at the end of the day though, you really miss her.

**  We are going on a big adventure soon, just you and me. I am nervous as to how you will cope for 2 weeks away from your sister and your home. You tend to not be the best traveller. But I know you will love the excitement and all the new things you will see & people you’ll meet. It will be a very special time introducing you to the UK family.
Abbie's gorgeous curls...
**  You have the most beautiful curly hair these days. By this age your sisters curls had all fallen out but yours are showing no signs whatsoever. In fact I tried to blowdry it straight a few days ago when it was a wet day and within 2 minutes it was curly again. I think you’re going to have my curls somehow.
The suit you!!


Love both of you lots and lots girls…

Love Mummy xx

Linking up with Shay’s Favourite Things Friday today because I haven’t in ages and these two are definitely my favourite things 🙂

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  1. Our kids don’t have a big party every year it is every other year, on the off years they are aloud to have a sleep over or a trip to the pictures with 1 or 2 of the favourite friends. Great FTF

  2. That is such a sweet post! I had a horrible case of giardia as a child too, and it took a long time to be picked up with me as well. All the tests for it kept reading negative. Finally my cousin who is a doctor decided to treat me for it anyways as all the symptoms matched, and thank goodness for that! You have a beautiful family!

  3. Beautiful post about your beautiful girls. xx

    You can tell Miss Hannah that Rebekah didn’t have a party this year either! For pretty much the same reasons 🙂 I am kinda surprised (and shocked!) at how much some parents are spending on birthday parties for their little kids and don’t want to get caught up in the whole “bigger, better, best” trap!! I figure its only going to get worse as they get older *sigh*

  4. This is such a wonderful idea Kat. I always enjoy these posts. Like Susan Im remembering all the great things Miss P said or did when she was a little tacker.

    Hannah – I only got a birthday party every second year . It makes it all the more special.

  5. What a beautiful post!! But I think perhaps you may be living the same life as me, just on the opposite side of the country!! My just four year old, and my 2 and a half year old sound remarkably similar!!

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