These are the things that I wish to remember about my girls in years to come…


Miss H & her new bike...

**  You are currently 4 years and 5 months

**  A few days ago I looked at you and thought you were getting so big and grown up. So I measure you.
You have grown 3 whole cms in the last 6 weeks. Wow.

**  You are becoming quite the keen baker/cook. You pester me ask me regularly if we can bake something and don’t like to share the baking jobs with your sister.

**  You also looooove to dance. You wish to wear your ballet shoes around everywhere and walk round most of the days with pointed toes and “ballet arms”.

My Biggest Ballerina**  You can also do the splits. In fact the other day we were in the fairy dancing waiting room and you shocked your teacher by going down into the splits from a standing position. Well you shocked me too actually, I have no idea where you learned that from but you are one flexible girl!!

**  You continue to love school and really look forward to going full time next year.
I must admit that you are not the only one looking forward to that 😉

**  Recently you had your first friend to stay over the night. You’ve also been having many plays at a friends house. It’s lovely that you are such a social girl. You continue to ooze confidence and charm towards people.

Shopping list by my 4 year old secretary. Love!**  You are getting really clever at learning to read and write. At first I thought that you had simply just memorized the learning books or where using the pictures so I decided to test you by writing down the same words & some others in another story with no pictures.
But you astonished me by reading the new story I wrote flawlessly.

**  Maths is probably your best subject though. You seem very good at numbers for your age and always have.

**  You have the biggest and most beautiful smile. Your entire face and eyes light up.

**  Unfortunately for me you have just as much passion when you get angry. And you are still just as stubborn as ever.



Someone decided she wanted a moustache and beard. What the what?!

**  You are currently just shy of 2 years and 3 months.
The exact age that Hannah was when I had you. Hard to believe!!

**  You have recovered from your illness and turned back into my wilful busy girl that I remember you being.

**  I also looked at you this week and thought you had grown, so I weighed and measured you. You have put on 500 grams and grown 2 whole cms in the last 6 weeks.
You don’t know how happy that makes me!!

**  We have your check up with the pediatrician in a few weeks so I am confident that with that growth and the fact you have stayed really well that it will hopefully be your last check up before the hospital releases your care back to our GP.
Lets hope your bloods will show just as great an improvement too!

Miss A's first ballerina uniform**  You have become obsessed with dressing up and dancing just like your big sister. If anything I think you might actually be more passionate about dancing than Hannah. You certainly show awesome natural ability.

**  Hannah’s ballet teacher invited you to join them for the last class of last term because she could tell you were itching to join in. She couldn’t believe you had only just turned 2!!
So I have just started you in your own ballet class. I think you could possibly be the smallest ballerina in the school. You’re certainly the only one I know that’s still in nappies.

**  It has meant that you can sing & do the choreography for a number of dances now. It is very cute!

**  Unlike the other 2 & 3 year olds in your classes you are super confident and go in without hesitation or a look back at me. You are extremely confident.

Abbie's new fetish...**  You have a fascination with shoes. Any & all shoes. Especially ones that aren’t actually yours to play with. It’s very cute…

**  You have developed quite an interest in sewing.
A few times I have wondered where you got to and come to find you playing in my sewing area with my rotary cutter and some fabric or my sewing machine. EEEK!
So you have been given your own “cutter” (a mini paint roller) and free access to my board and fabric scraps for you to “cut” fabric to your hearts content.

**  So far that distraction has kept you away from getting your hands back on my actual sharp cutting equipment. Not much I can do there except for actually lock them away with a key because despite them being right up high you just climb up on my desk and up my shelves to get them if you want them.
I have educated you on the dangers and you do understand that they are sharp. But sometimes you are a little big for you boots and think that you are 2 going on adult.

**  No is not a word that you are fond of. It tends to give you an instant case of the waterworks (modelled well from your older sister). But unlike her you are not easily distracted and tend to wait until I have forgotten and gone to do something else before you pounce on your mission to do whatever it was anyway.
You keep me on my toes girl!!

**  Lucky you are the cutest little thing and can turn me with one little grin and giggle.

I love you both very much.
Even when you are giving me grey hair. Literally.

Love Mummy

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  1. Every time I read one of these posts, it’s a reminder of when my girls were this age. If it wasn’t for the fact that there’s nearly 28 years between my girls and yours, they could be twins! :oD

  2. My first thoughts as I looked at Hannah’s photo at the top was “Gosh, she looks so grown up!” I guess I was right!
    I hadn’t realized that Abby had grown a moustache & goatee….LOL I hope that washed off OK! I can just picture her prancing around the dance class too. 😀
    I love these little ‘time capsule updates’ of your girls.

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