Writing one of these posts has been on my mental to do list for a while now because I knew it had been too long since the last.

I was horrified to find out tonight just how long – I haven’t done one since January!!!

I was trying to do these quarterly, but I can imagine they have become less regular because I started doing the 52 week photo project and share small snippets weekly instead.
Still, I was disappointed because of all the posts I write, these are definitely the most valuable to me.
There are so many small moments in our ordinary daily life that are the best ever and I just want to freeze them in time.
So here goes,
these are the things that I wish to remember about my girls in years to come…
**  You are currently 5 years and 5 months
**  But you think you are about 25 and 5 months
**  You are charismatic, bubbly, happy and charming. Everybody loves Hannah. In fact it blows your Daddy’s mind that after only a few months at your new school EVERYBODY knew your name.
**  Your happy smile is contagious. More than one of your teachers have nicknamed you Miss Smiley.
**  You are also bossy, determined and stubborn. Most of the time I do not consider these flaws.
**  This year has been your first official year of school (if we don’t count Kindy) and you have astounded me with your courage and strength. You have been through 2 schools and 3 classes, never flinching at any stage. I could not have been so brave.
**  You excel at school. Not just academically (although you are definitely a bright girl) but also socially. It makes me so happy to see you throwing yourself 100% into learning new things and making new friends.
**  You read fluently. Your reading age is at least a year if not 2 ahead of your age, despite the fact we rarely do your reading homework (hmmmm – I never did have very good habits when it came to homework).
**  This new skill is taking some time for me to get used to because I can not hide ANYTHING from you any more. In fact I have to be very careful what I leave around if I don’t want you to know anything specific or answer any awkward questions.
**  Your Daddy and I have been the most caught out in this regard when out and about in the car because you read the store fronts and street signs. You are quick to point out if we have taken the route according to Hannah.
**  I think you have inherited my love for writing and journalling. You are onto about your 4th diary and just about carry a pen and book with you everywhere. In fact you are so enamoured with them that you usually sleep with them under your pillow. It is one of my favourite things to watch develop.
**  You are back taking dancing lessons again now we are settled. And now you are also requesting to do gymnastics. You really missed them once we moved.
**  I have been impressed with how easily and enthusiastically you have thrown yourself into your new life in New Zealand. You are growing very close with your NZ Nanna and Papa and now get very disappointed if you don’t get to have a weekly sleepover at their house on a Saturday night. It’s lovely to see those relationships blossom.
**  You are a very sensitive girl. If anybody is sad or hurt you hurt too and are there instantly to their rescue. A few days ago when my migraine was very sore and you could tell I was a bit upset, despite the fact that I had just snapped at you and had to apologise, you immediately went and bought me a love note and a picture and stroked my head better.
**  That also means you do not like anyone calling you names and if they do you tend to quickly dissolve into a puddle of tears. I strongly suspect that your love language is words of affirmation for this reason.
**  I love watching you grow and develop.
**  You are currently 3 years and 2 months
**  My little firecracker Abbie… You are cuddly, giggly, bubbly and infectious. You dance through life with your very distinct dance.
**  You are also cheeky, stubborn, determined and very particular about what you will and won’t do. Life is on your terms or no terms. Full stop and end of story.
This means that we have a bit of an explosive relationships at times but despite this I feel very close to you.
**  Currently you are going through an “I will only wear what I want” phase which means you more often than not look like a complete scruff.
**  Generally I accept this without too much embarrassment argument. However you have recently developed a love an obsession for leggings and footed tights and they are all you will wear. It does not please me when you choose footed tights and then refuse to wear a skirt or dress over the top of them. Currently we have this argument almost daily while I educate you on what is “proper” attire for going out in public. I’m pretty confident we will be having this same argument in 12 years time.
**  You come up with the most adorable phrases at the moment…
One of my recent favourites was a few mornings ago; I woke up at 5.30am when we had a few very strong wind gusts that rattled all the windows. A few seconds later I hear your croaky little voice call to me “Muuu-uuum… the wind blew away my sleep!!” I had to laugh. Just one of the hundreds of cute things you say. I know I will kick myself one day that I didn’t write them all down.
**  You are better at sleeping in your own bed these days. This is bitter sweet for me. I battled so hard to get you sleeping on your own, but many times I wonder why I fought it so, because I do miss you when you are not beside me. Usually it’s the times when you fight me the most during the day when you need me the most at night. I’m ok with that. It’s nice to reconnect then. I know one day soon you won’t need me as much and that makes me sad.
**  You are a big kindy girl now and go 3 days per week. I really miss hanging out with you on those days, so much so that I’m even contemplating pulling you out or reducing your days. You are quite resistant to go in the first place and since you will have the rest of your life for school I wonder whether I’ll regret this time I could have kept for just us.
Then the next day I am thankful for the break.
I guess we will see how this term plays out and figure out next year when it comes.
**  You play so nicely by yourself. I don’t think you are ever going to be the social butterfly your sister is. You like a small group of friends that are very familiar to you and routine.
But you like your own company and having the house to yourself more. This week you were home sick with a cold and I hardly heard a peep from you for 2 days. You just played and played and played. I love hearing you in the other room playing pretend with yourself. Lego and babies are your favourite.
**  However you are always so pleased to see Hannah come back from school. She is your best friend and you idolise her. You copy her every move which tends to infuriate her at times. But over all you girls play very nicely together and it makes my heart sing.
**  Your hair is going darker now and your curls are not so pronounced. I am sad to see your beautiful golden curls go. They are my favourite. It is a sign you are growing up.
**  You miss your Daddy hard although just recently I have noticed that you have gotten used to the routine of him coming and going now. You are always at your most happy when he is back home again though and you sleep better too.
**  You, like Hannah, love to have a pen and paper near you always. You spend hours and hours drawing, glueing, cutting and sticking. Between the two of you I always have a thousand tiny bits of paper all over the room. It drives me a little crazy but I rarely complain because I’m thankful you both love to create.
I’m loving the journey with you girls!! Love you to bits.

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  1. You are so smart to be keeping this record. I thought I would always remember the way my kids acted or the cute things they said when they were tiny – but I don’t! I wish I had kept a journal.

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