Wow, it’s been nearly 3 years since I wrote one of these posts!!!
Only 2 since I published one, but 3 years since I wrote one.
Where do the years go?!

Because my girls are so much older now, I thought I better ask their permission before writing about them so personally again. But they both wanted me to. So here goes:


  • You are 8 years and 11 months as I write this.
  • You are long and lanky in my eyes, but in reality you are still petite for your age. Most of your friends tower above you – some by a head.
  • At the beginning of this year you decided to stop cheerleading, which had previously been your passion for the last 2 years. It was hard work and you are not so tired all the time now which is nice. But it means you’ve mostly stopped pulling poses like these everywhere we go:

  • You are really good at reading, maths and writing. These days I have to google spelling words because I can’t think of ones that are hard enough. Then when you tell me your school spelling words I often can’t spell them out loud and have to check them myself. And I consider myself a pretty good speller!
  • You’ve been showing some interest in boys this year and were telling me a few weeks ago that you’ve already picked out who you’re going to the Year 6 formal with. It should be noted that you are still only Year 5. I wonder how many times you’ll change your mind by the end of Year 6 🙂
  • You are still very confident in most things, but there’s a quiet shyness about you these days. Often you’re so independent, and we don’t see a lot of you, but this year you’ve started wanting to spend time with me a lot more. It’s nice.
  • You LOVE to create things. Youtube has become your best friend – I love that you come out and show me these amazing things you’ve made all by yourself.

  • You do not like bugs or spiders.
  • You love all animals and would really like your own kitten or puppy. We already have 6 pets (a dog, 2 cats and 3 chickens) so I’ve said that’s enough to keep alive.
  • You have started to LOVE some vegetables that I would never have believed possible; e.g. you love steamed cabbage, brussel sprouts and asparagus. You have come such a long way from the fussy baby/toddler that would eat 5 white foods.
  • You have started playing the piano this term and are going extremely well. (You practice every time there’s something to procrastinate about, e.g. tidying your room, which is often haha).
  • One of the only things about you that makes me sad, is the negative voices in your head. It breaks my heart when you say that you are terrible at something and talk so meanly about yourself. Especially when it’s the opposite of true. I hope to teach you that you can do anything you put your mind to and I hope that you learn to love yourself just as much as I love you. I want nothing but happiness for you.


(Don’t worry, that’s non-alcoholic ginger beer Abbie’s holding.)
  • You are 6 years and 9 months when I write this
  • This week your first tooth got wobbly – you giggled hysterically and have been looking forward to that for months. Your sister lost her first tooth at 5 and you have been waiting in anticipation for your turn.
  • This year you also got your first “princess crown” – a stainless steel crown. Which sadly for you means you have my teeth not your fathers strong ones. Now we see it every time you smile.
  • You are our little ray of sunshine. Seriously, you can sure smile kid. You light up the room. Until you don’t. That usually just means it’s time to feed you. Then your smile comes straight back again. You radiate happiness. Everyone comments on it.
  • You dance like no one is watching. I hope you go through life with that level of confidence.
  • You are my shy girl – you do not like performing, or being the centre of attention. But, last week you performed in the school Kapa Haka group very happily. It’s the first thing you’ve ever willingly performed doing. It was so rare that I have to show the evidence below! You had a big smile the whole time. I love that you’ve found ‘your thing’.

  • Everyday without fail you wear your shoes on the wrong feet. And you won’t swap them over even if I ask very nicely. You are your own person and you wear them your own way with confidence.
  • You are really smart, and this year you are one of 3 Year 2’s in a class full of Year 3’s. Well done Abbie for working so hard to love school. It didn’t come easily at the beginning for you, but you have made a choice to work hard and love to learn. You particularly love writing stories and you’re so creative. It makes me proud that you love writing so much, just like me.


  • You love bunnies and would really love a pet bunny. I tell you the same thing I tell Hannah…
  • You have this endearing LOVE for soft toys and still take one everywhere with you. They all have names. You like to sew them clothes.
  • You love sewing, but still haven’t quite mastered threading the needle and sewing all by yourself yet. That’s a source of frustration to you.
  • You love to hang with the big kids, and your sister’s friends have become your friends. This has its moments of frustration to you as well because you don’t get why you can’t go to all the parties and to all the playdates. You have plenty of your own friends too though, and make friends easily with everyone due to your sunny disposition. You can slot into any group with ease.

I’m so lucky to have you both. And lucky that you are the best of friends.

Crazy hair day at school, to raise money for Child Cancer

Love Mummy

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