Uh oh… you know it’s not good right when your iron starts to smell a bit “funny”…
I’m not talking “oops I just melted a bit of heat bond to my iron” funny – more the electrical kind of funny.
Bad bad news!

Well that happened to me today.
It’s my last week before the markets kick off & my iron decides to blow.
Boo hooo hoooo … :*(

I know you guys who sew will understand what a big deal that is and will understand that I’m not sad because I can’t go iron the laundry! (pfft – iron actual clothes – what’s that?!)
I may or may not have accidentally knocked it off it’s perch yesterday when I turned around with a drawer in my hand.
It did not seem to take kindly to that.
Hence today’s funny smell followed shortly by the element blowing.

It’s had a short but rough life though. Check out the face plate…

Not exactly a prime example of good housekeeping!
Does yours look like that too or are you more kind to it and use “protective cloths” and all that stuff we’re supposed to use (I know I’m supposed to, I just don’t – pure laziness).

So today, in desperation, I had to buy a new iron. Even if it was just at the grocery store – because obviously that’s the obvious place to buy an iron! 😉
How hot is my new iron?

Pretty hot, that’s what.
And it glides! Smoothly!
Amazing the difference it makes not having a whole lot of old *gunk* stuck to the faceplate!
How long do we think it will stay looking like this then?

Not long I suspect!

I know, I know… I may have just taken this diary to a new low blogging about IRONS of all things! But I needed some light relief 🙂

More interesting stuff coming soon.
Hopefully 😉

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  1. I never realised how important my iron was to my sewing, until it went kaput!

    Glad you got another iron, they always seem to need replacing just when you can least afford to be without one.

  2. I had to get a new iron last year when every time I switched on the old one it knocked out the fuses for all the sockets in the house and everyone yelled at me each and every time! (Imagine?!) But I am lost on this thing about protective clothes. What on earth are they?!!!

  3. Hurray for getting a new iron! I love how shiny they are right out of the box. 😀

    I knocked my iron from the ironing board to the floor the other night. I was afraid that was the end of it but it thankfully still works. Hurray! I use mine for both quilting and ironing my husband’s work clothes. 😉 We would have been up a creek without it… lol

    Have a fantastic day!!

  4. Haha. Your old iron looked like a shark and all I could think about was the theme music to Jaws. Dun dun. Dun dun. dun dun. dun. dun. dun. dun. dun. dun. DUUUUUUUNNNNNN!!!

  5. I understand! I had to replace mine a few weeks ago! It was on and all of a sudden I’m smelling what smells like a chemical fire. There was smoke coming out of it and I ended up having to put it outside. It still set off my fire alarm. Glad it worked out okay!

  6. I did a post once about how grotty my ironing board cover was. Beat that!

    Oh yes – I have done the dash to the shops for a new iron thing and I completely understand how you felt.

  7. Oh no! Just this past weekend I turned on the iron w/o really looking at it…and it was face down ON FABRIC. I walk around, thread my machine, etc, etc and….sniff sniff. What could that be? ARGH! At least it didn’t catch fire 🙂

  8. I’m afraid I use mine till it is beyond cleaning then get a new one! If you have Fairy power spray (washing up liquid type stuff)in Australia, that cleans off the gunk (apparently!) x

  9. I only buy cheap irons now…as I kill the expensive ones just as easily as the cheap ones. Someone told me to clean them with tea tree oil it removes all the gunky stuff…but have not tried it yet.

  10. There is nothing low about irons! They are very important tools in our quest to produce quilt art! I received a new one for my birthday and was very excited! I feel your pain though because my new iron already has some stains on it and I only got it last month. It does not take very long, haha!

  11. What, the bouncing iron wasn’t fond of its journey? How unreasonable… ;o) I use iron cleaning cream stuff on my iron when I start noticing grotty marks on the fabric, works a treat!

  12. I dropped my iron on a concrete floor when I was doing my Christmas sewing! It didn’t completely break in two pieces but the bottom plate felt like it come separate from the rest of it at any time. I of course didn’t even try to use it after that! My husband happened to be going to Lowes (home improvement store) and called to tell me they had irons there and so that’s where I got my new iron. I got the other/broken one as a wedding present 16 years ago and well it was alot like your hold one.

  13. RIP iron! Glad you replaced it so quickly, it’s a bummer when the iron dies. I bought a cheap one for sewing and it works really well. It doesn’t have an alarm on it though to remind me to turn it off, so I have to be very careful to remember to turn it off when I’m finished.

  14. That is a pretty looking iron 🙂 My iron & ironing board lived in my sewing room for quite some time. Lost my sew-jo and use it more for kids school uniforms now, but fingers crossed I’ll get it back soon. I had to get a new kettle recently. 9 bucks! Not as fancy as the old one but I “needed” it that day.

  15. Do you know when you see a product and you don’t really expect it to work but buy it anyway? Well I bought this little tube from my craft store which promised to clean all the gunk off your iron, it’s like a thick white chalk that you rub on the iron plate while warm and it melts and brings the gunk with it! it worked amazingly well, it was like have a new iron. 🙂

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