I am really pleased to report that Abbie’s fever finally broke during last night.
It has mostly stayed within normal ranges today, with only one fever episode in the afternoon
 – A far cry from the last week of constantly high fevers I can tell you!

I can also tell that Abbie’s energy levels are more returning to normal because a) she’s developed her cheekiness back again b) the obvious – she’s actually been walking around playing a fair bit, and c) she now has the energy to whinge – persistently for that matter!!
So even though the latter has been highly annoying and made my head want to explode all day, at least it shows me that she’s improving if she’s at least got the energy to whine & complain about things every 5 minutes!

Better progress - Hurrah! :)
Twinkle Twinkle little star…. How I wonder what you are…

We are still yet to crack the whole eating & drinking thing properly.
Which is the most concerning part at this stage & needs a prompt resolution if she’s to recover her strength back up!!
Because quite frankly Abbie, 1 1/2 bites of rice bubbles & 1 strawberry all day really isn’t enough to sustain a girl!

We still have some further follow up appointments and test results to come back, but at this stage I am optimistic and believing that this year has just been a bad run of circumstances for Abbie, nothing more, and that this day marks the first day of better days.

So I thought I’d document Abbie’s year in statistic form, to declare that I’m marking this as a new beginning, and so that in a years time we can look at our bundle of energy and marvel at how far she’s come!…
{and so she can have full respect for what she put me through for when she one day becomes a mother for that matter 😉 }

Here goes…
Abbie, these are your 2012 health statistics…

  **  Dog poo = the item you decided to add to your diet in January which almost certainly kick started this whole mess like a domino effect.
  **  Giardia = the nasty bug you developed {probably} from eating said poo
  **  3 = the amount of months you suffered with the parasite
  **  5-10 = the number of horrible dirty nappies you had per day during that 3 month period
{uh huh, yep really, no exaggeration there!… do the maths, they were really fun times for me!}
– Almost certainly this caused Abbie’s general health & immunity to decline significantly and put her at risk for further infections…
 **  7-8+ = the minimum number or courses of antibiotics you’ve had this year
  **  5-6 = the number of those courses of antibiotics you’ve had since May.
  **  3 = the number of months you’ve suffered {most recently} with acute ear infections accompanied by strong pain & high fevers.
  **  4 = the number of hospitals you’ve had to visit in the last 3 1/2 weeks
  **  Otis Media with Effusion, Anaemia, Mesenteric Adenitis = the “fancy” names of just some of the conditions your been diagnosed with in the last 3 1/2 weeks
  **  40db = the volume level which you could apparently only start to hear & respond to prior to your ear surgery
  **  10th = the percentile you have now got down to for weight (from 25th)
  **  5th = the percentile you have now got down to for height (from 25th)
  **  5 – the total number of nights you have slept right through the night in your own bed since May. The rest you have slept either on top of me or against me, waking me up with your crying at least every 2 hours if not more frequently.
  **  4+ = the minimum number of weeks in a row that you have now required regular pain medication on a daily basis.
  **  $3,500 = the approximate amount we would have spent on your healthcare in the last few months
  **  Grey = the colour all my new hair hair has been growing
  **  4 = the number of kilograms I have shed during this whole experience
  **  A billion = the amount of times I’ve wished I could take all the pain away and make it all better for you!!!

So Abbie… what is the moral of the story?
Clearly dog poo is not a good choice of food,

Is it really any wonder my sewing & crafting productivity has come to a screaming halt with all this going on?! Especially as that’s not even factoring in when Hannah’s sick & requires nursing also.
Sheesh, seeing it all like that makes me feel a bit better about how little I’ve “achieved” the last few months…

Righto, here’s to our onwards & upwards!!

It can only go up from here right!!!

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  1. Oh, Kat! What an incredible chain of events!! All this from dog poo? Your poor baby! And how you must feel not being able to do anything most times to ease her discomfort. I can’t imagine the stress you’ve been under! Yay for being on the healing road!!! I will keep you & your sweeties in prayer! {{hugs}}

  2. oh wow! poor girl… didn’t know how it all started. usually I’m not the strict clean type mommy with hand sanitizer etc. I’d say a little dirt never hurt anyone, but dog poop! well that’s another thing. I can only imagine what type of parasite etc the dog had.

  3. Oh boy… dog poo?! Eeewww. Now there’s a story you can remind her of when she’s being an embarrassing teenager 😉 Sorry, just enjoying your lighter mood!! So happy for you that you’ve had a bit of a better day. hugs xx

  4. Oh Kat, i thought it was bad when my granddaughter ate snails, shells and all, the resulting nappies were “interesting”. I do hope that this is the beginning of the end of illness for Abbie. Not to mention bringing some peace of mind to you, and a few good nights sleep. Best wishes Pam

  5. Hurray! I’ve been praying for you guys when I saw the status updates.

    As a side note, I told my son to not eat our cat’s poo because of this. He’s not very good at listening, but I’m hopeful.

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