A perfect way to bust those scraps!!

I am very sorry but this pattern is no longer available as a free tutorial.

To purchase the scrappy quilt-as-you-go pattern, including upgraded digitally drawn pattern pieces, please head over to my shop to view.

Many thanks!

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  1. This is perfect!
    I’m going to make my templates tonight and start choosing scraps tomorrow!
    It’s Wednesday evening here in the UK!!

  2. Ok, OK. This little pouch is going onto my “I’m going to make one of these” list!

    So if I happen to win this one, I’ll have something to refer to while working on it….


  3. Blogger ate my comment!

    I was trying to say …Ok I’ll give this a go and if I survive I’ll post the results …lining and I are not usually friends. I always manage to sew it on backwards or inside out – but you’ve really motivated me to do this with your clear pictures and instructions.

    Thanks for sharing the tutorial.

  4. What a gorgeous little pouch and a great tutorial! Love it!

    I was also wondering if I could do and ‘interview’ with you for my Wednesday feature post? I feature and Australasian crafter each week in a Worldwide creative hop. It would give you and your shop a bit of international exposure! If you’re interested then please let me know – I’d love to feature you!

    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  5. You did a GREAT job on the tutorial! With the price of fabric where it is, I like to save every scrap and this would be a perfect way to use up some of them! Thanks

  6. What a cute little bag/pouch. Thanks for the tutorial, giggles and all. LOL I’m not sure how to get the templates from the links given however because there’s no way to right click and save as it says it’s copyrighted material.

    Thank you for the tutorial and chance to win my own too. That would mean I don’t have to make my own unless I decide to make them as gifts for the holidays. LOL

  7. I had to click ‘anon’ above because silly blogger keeps sending me back to my sign in page??

  8. Really cute pouch and great tutorial, thanks for taking the time to put that all together. I so want to make one but I’m way behind on everything and I dare not start anything new just yet.

  9. Goodness you have been working hard! What a fabulous tutorial, I am definitely going to come back and do that one. You made the quilt as you go thingy seem so EASY! Thank you 🙂

    PS I did get your parcel and I love it thankyou, have been trying to send you an email but my server is playing up….will investigate that tomorrow and try again xx

  10. Loved your tutorial on the scrappy bag. I’ve never quilted as you go but have always wanted to. So now I plan on making one of your cute bags.
    Thanks so much for sharing.


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