Don’t ya just love scraps?
I reckon I have probably spent more time in my scrap bin than in my stash recently…
Only all the rummaging had made it a little crazy there in my scrap drawer.
So this week I decided to tackle the out of control scrap situation.
And by out of control I’m not joking…

I have been inspired to sort my scraps... It's a bit of a big job!

That wasn’t even all of it. I realised (just as I’d finished of course) that I had another container of all my “special” scraps up the top of my shelves which needed sorting too.

So in front of X factor last night I reluctantly got sorting and before I knew it I had finished…

I did it... Believe it or not this mess is actually now organised.

I have separated by colour, then neutral/low volume, selvedges, solids, black/brown based and strips.
We’ll see how long it lasts this time shall we before they’re all jumbled and need sorting again.

I took out a whole bunch that I’ll be donating to Hannah’s school, and now they actually all fit into my scrap container properly. Yippee.

Yay all my scraps now fit in the container!! Minus a bagful for Hannah's school

But after some consideration, this morning I decided that I really don’t need 2 whole bags of blue, 2 whole bags of pink and so many strips.
(Especially as I have so much pink & blue on my shelf not even cut yet as well!)
So I’ve decided to destash some…

Scrap destash... Check blog for details. Free to a good home. Aussie postage or pick up only. #instacollage

These 3 bags are free to a good home within Australia. It’s a real lucky dip of different sizes & designers and there are probably a few polyblend fabrics in there among the 100% cotton.
Either free local pick up or you pay the postage (I think it should be $6.60 each bag).

Just make a comment with which bag you’d like and email me your address.

I think I need to do some more destashing of my main stash too, but that’s enough for one week.

Yay now this afternoon I can actually start something for my scrappy swap partner 🙂

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  1. Ooh. I am so sorely tempted. I think (as I’m an Aussie too) I have to put my hand up for more fabric. And with two little nieces to make presents for, I might request the pink. Pretty please!
    And I don’t know how to un-no reply myself so am emailing you with my details.
    Thanks!! E

  2. Scraps are great to work with…

    I’m as far away from Australia as you can possibly get, but it looks like there are some pretty happy Aussies that will soon have quite a scrap party going 🙂

  3. I would have loved the pink – I have a little girl of my own, but since Erin got in first I would love the Strips. My mum sister and I are currently making dolls to send to orphanages around the world (our first batch leave next week for the Philippines).
    I am sure we can make great use of these with the next batches which look like they may be destined for homes in Africa and Thailand. If you know of anyone going overseas and willing to visit an orphanage let me know.
    Jodi R

  4. Scrapatoui…. I would love any of those yummy scrap bags, please please please. Yep I watched X factor too whilst making hexes. Enjoy destashing:)

  5. don’t you just love scraps 🙂 I’d love to take the pink off your hands or otherwise I could put the strips to good use as well 🙂 thanks so much for sharing !

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