Oh I have been looking forward to school holidays this term!!
It’s been a big term with;
  **  5 trips to hospital
  **  A holiday to Brisbane
  **  Neil home for 5 weeks &
  **  A bunch of stuff happening with his job (finishing qualifications, awards nights etc etc)
  **  Decisions about whether or not to move weighing on our minds.

Yep. Big term.

So what does holidays mean for us?
Not a fairy holiday as Hannah is led to believe (yes thank you fairy dancing for telling her she was having 2 weeks holiday. Now she thinks it’s 2 weeks of FAIRY holiday LOL).
–  I prefer to think of it as a pyjama holiday.
A big.fat.break!

A bit of this:

Banana walnut choc chip & date loaf. Yum!
Banana, walnut, date & choc chip bread baked fresh this morning. Mmmmm Yum!

A bit more of this:

Paper Piecing in progress

A bit of play:

Tea time
Tea Time!

A random week of weather:

What is spring trying to do to us?! 16 then 35?!
What is our spring trying to do to us – 16 degrees then 35 a few days later?!!!

Some family fun movie nights:

My girl with a curl
My girl with a curl…

And a few necessities of life reluctantly thrown in:

Shopping list by my 4 year old secretary. Love!
Yesterdays shopping list as written by Miss Hannah (4). She’s growing up so fast!!

On the sewing front I’m finally up to date with my bee blocks for the first time in months.
Yeeee haaaa it feels great!
They have also all been posted, so if you are expecting some mail from me then it all went yesterday 🙂

Next up a whole lot of baby quilt binding for my big pile of Blankets of love & I’ll be completely up to date of my obligations.

Then & only then can I start my new projects.
Can’t wait 🙂

PS about the other day – please know that I didn’t mean to start a paper piecing war/debate!!!! I absolutely adore paper piecing when other people do it. Just hate the process of doing it myself. That is all.
Hope you understand 🙂

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  1. Fresh baked banana etc. bread? Oh YUMMY! Congrats on getting caught up on your bee blocks too. I’m here on the computer, and I should be getting things packed up for the craft show tomorrow….yikes!

  2. Looks like you guys are having a fantastic time! You definitely deserve some downtime after all the craziness this year. 🙂

    Your banana bread looks great! I love homemade banana bread.

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