I thought I might every so often run a “Saturday Special” for my shop.
Up until now I have been advertising them on my Facebook page, but I thought I better let you folks know too 🙂

You have the choice of 2 great specials to kick us off today…

Special 1:
Free shipping within Australia on all orders received before 10pm Sunday (WA time)
Use the code ‘SHIPFREE’

Special 2: 
International customers, or those wanting patterns can receive 10% off their order.
Use the code ‘LOYAL10’

So what might you like to buy?
Well these specials include my patterns. – The link to those is down the right hand side…

And I also have a bunch of new listings just up…

White 120wt Rasant thread for $6.00 + shipping…

Aussie DS Winding Roads Fabric…
Selected Fat Quarters are $5.00 + shipping & Fat 1/8th sets (4 prints included) are $10.00 + shipping

I also have limited amounts of pencil cases available for personalisation. One side has the feature fabric & one side is plain all ready to personalise with your child’s name. Perfect for heading off to school soon.
$15 + shipping

I haven’t had time to list all the new twirly skirts on my website yet, but you can view the full range of skirts and pencil cases available on my Facebook page.
Here are some of the cute skirts I have available…

Playing with ruffles...

So if you’d like one of the products available on Facebook but not yet on my website then email me before 10pm tomorrow with your request and I will set you up with a custom listing with the discount included. Custom orders will need to be paid for within 24hours for the discount to be valid.

Hope you all have a happy Saturday!


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