All week I’ve been getting more and more frustrated with the half finished state of our new home…

Well all month if I’m honest.
There is clutter and half finished stuff to do everywhere.
No matter how much housework I do it never seems to look clean, so I think I’ve all but given up on the housework front!
(Good excuse hey 😉 )
And what really bugs me is that we have all these beautiful finished rooms, but we have to walk through the dark, claustrophobic, dirty and cluttered hallway to get to them.
It kind of spoils the effect!!

Especially after a family member who shall remain nameless (yeah right – *ahem Mr Flutter!!)
pulled my linen cupboard (which was actually currently acting as my tool cupboard) to bits, distributed stuff around the hallway so that that he could prep the cupboard for painting, got as far as making the mess and washing the walls, then promptly left again for Australia.
Fair enough that he was trying to make a space for himself to work, I get it,
but the extra clutter everywhere on top of the already pile of doors to paint and pictures to hang, has just about done my head in.
Not to mention the fact I can’t find a single flaming thing now he’s moved everything!!!

Then there is the fact that we still have no doors so I get an audience everytime I go to the loo…

If it’s not the kids it’s the cat and/or the dog.
Seriously, can’t a girl just get to pee with a little peace?!

So I’ve been rapidly getting to the point where the pain of not having finished is outweighing the pain of actually getting on with it and getting the job done.
My frustration has been mounting but as yet it hadn’t quite boiled over enough to push me into action.

My friend Inez who has been helping me with the painting has been working on another job for her husband since we moved in, and the thought of starting Round 2 without her just didn’t appeal.
Not only is it WAY more boring by yourself, but she’s also much better at cutting in than me and she’s tall. So she can reach all the bits I can’t!

Anyway this morning I got a surprise knock on the door and I sheepishly opened the door in my dressing gown expecting to see a courier. But low and behold there was my friend Inez all ready in her painting clothes to come and do some more painting.
What a surprise and a happy one at that.
Amazing how instantly motivation arrives when someone comes and forces it upon you like that!!
I had needed that swift kick up the bum.

As luck would have it I hadn’t yet made any plans for the day because we are still stuck at home with a feverish Abbie.
Cue paint clothes!

As a result today we have all the prep work done for the remainder of the internal painting and the kitchen fully primed.



After the priming…

It’s a little hard to tell from these twilight photos, but it’s so much brighter and more lovely even just with the primer on.
Although I must admit it’s made me dislike my kitchen bench and cabinitry even more than I already did… Which I’m not sure how to fix it on my budget.
But it’s improvement enough for now.

So today I’m thankful.
Round 2 of the renovations has begun!
It will be at a much slower and more leisurely pace than round 1 was,
but hey we’ve started the ball rolling and that’s the main thing.


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  1. I am loving seeing the transformation of your new home but I have to warn you that a loo door won’t necessarily stop visitors – my 3yr old daughter worked out how to open the bathroom door lock from outside (it is a twist one) so I still get an audience!

  2. Being as though I am also in the midst of a great deal of work on my house, I can sympathize. I have a suggestion for the kitchen… have you seen Rustoleum’s new countertop & cabinet transformation paint? It is priced quite reasonably (compared to a kitchen remodel). I know of it because that is my plans for the cabinets and such at my house. Just a suggestion.

  3. You know that you have a lot of fabric and could tack a long piece in place to be a temporary bathroom door. Renovations are a slow process and it is nice to see that yours continue to progress nicely.

  4. What a wonderful friend Inez is! And you 2 achieved so much in one day. Hope Abbie will be feeling a lot better soon! Love your tabby cat that is in one of the photos 🙂

  5. I rarely got to visit the loo alone for the 17 years that zzyzx the cat was my roomie. If I didn’t let her in, I would see her reaching under the door! lol

    I think the lighter walls make the kitchen cupboards look better. Maybe you could eventually paint the cupboard doors too. Some time. In the future.

    Thanks Inez, for helping Kat!


  6. It was just the paint, right? But it’s a complete atmosphere transformation! Personally, I wouldn’t want a naturally colored beadboard. No offense, but it just reminds me of our local sauna. *peace sign* Such wall style really works beautifully with white and other pastel colors. Arthur@Contractor Express

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