It’s really hard to believe that it has been a whole month since we picked up the keys to our new home!!

This last week especially I have been so focused on the looming deadline and how many projects we still have to go on our giant to-do list, that it’s easy for me to forget how much we have actually achieved in the last month.
But yesterday it occurred to me that when Mr Flutter left for work 10 days ago we were still scraping ceiling plaster off, and hadn’t actually touched paint brushes to the walls yet. Now we have 3 rooms completely finished and another 3 close to finished so I realised that he’s hardly going to recognise the place when he gets back because we’ve made so much progress.
That’s pretty exciting and motivating to keep going!
I really can’t believe that we’ve nearly finished 6 rooms in 10 days!!

Here is a little glimpse of our work this week…
This week we worked on a lot of finishing touches of spaces almost finished last week but still in progress…

Remember our Master bedroom?

Well, after a lot of hard work it now looks like this…

And another one just because I can…

Yes it really is the same room!
And I’m completely in love with the changes I must admit. Now it feels clean, light, bright and airy.

Changes include (but are not limited to):
**  Scraping the plaster off the ceiling & painting the black beams white
**  Painting the black window trims to white
**  Painting the door trim, the entry door and the wardrobe louvres to white
**  Painting the wooden panelling walls
**  Installing new lighting and a heater

Just the curtains to be installed next week and it will be completely finished.

Next up we finished and hung some doors…

Previously the doors were a very worn and dirty yellow colour with round wooden door knobs. Many of the door knobs through the house did not work well and I lived in fear of someone getting trapped in a room.
With a bit of glossy dulux “antique white USA” paint and a new door handle (in a style that the kids can open) and the doors have been transformed.
They lighten up the hallway no end. Which is good because that space will be the last internal space we renovate and it is very dark.

I showed you the plumbing changes we made to the bathroom last week, so this week we made a start on painting the upstairs toilet and bathroom…

AMAZING what a little paint will do to brighten up a space! Being the darkest room in the house it feels so much nicer now it is painted (not to mention the new lights and vanity).
It now only needs one more coat and the new floor next week and it will also be all finished.

Lastly we are making really good progress towards getting the rumpus finished…

Remember the before?

Well, we are making great progress at eliminating the blue and coral colour scheme…

Good bye pink ceiling!!!

And the new downstairs kitchen unit that I forgot to take a photo of last week…

We just need to finish the door frames, the doors and the trim and we will be finished the painting downstairs.
The floors are scheduled to be replaced next week – Boy oh boy will that transform the spaces I’m sure!!

And that’s about where we are at for now…
Today the builder has been in finishing the water damaged ceiling in the lounge, so we should be able to start painting that by Thursday.
The countdown is on – 9 more sleeps until we move in!!!
Only the lounge, the dining, the kitchen and the hallway to go
Yeah right…
We will hopefully get the lounge and the spaces I’ve already shown you finished though.
That’s the goal…

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  1. I love the color in the master bedroom! You are doing a terrific job on all of the rooms.
    I don’t think I’ve ever seen/heard of round wooden door knobs before! Seems like you should be able to upcycle those into something interesting (if they didn’t already go into the bin!).


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