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Today I played with these pretties…

Talk about having fun creating rainbows!!!
I made them for an effective pop of colour for any upcoming markets I do, but for the meantime they are for sale over on my Facebook page if you’d like to place an order.

I’ve kept a bunch for myself because now I’ve got short hair it’s quite nice to have some little hairclips to tame the front.

Anyway, today’s giveaway is…

A fat quarter of quilting cotton text print and a fat quarter of luscious chevron minky.

Seriously – this minky is one of my favourite things of the moment so you are lucky I can bring myself to part with it 😉

To enter tell me what your favourite places to go for sewing and quilting inspiration are. After 18 months break I’m sooooo out of the know.

Good luck!

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  1. You’ve been tempting me with those sets you made! My daughter has short hair too, but I think she’d love one anyway. As for minky, I’d love to try it and add to my text stash too! Inspiration… look at established quilters’ past work if they have a link (red pepper quilts is fab for this). I find it inspiring to see how we evolve. Also, Lu Summers is good at showing how she turns her surroundings into fabric design. Just a few.

  2. I go to work for inspiration – a fabric shop remember 🙂
    Nature is also a huge source of inspiration as are blogs (but unfortunately I don’t get as much time to read them as I’d like these days…)

  3. I love blogs, my favourites are Sillymama Quilts, VeryKerryberry, Flying Blind on a Rocket Cycle, and crazy Mom Quilts. My favourite quilting book for inspiration is Sunday Morning Quilts. Actually I will be interested to see the other replies as I like to know other good blogs to read. Thanks for another great giveaway.

  4. Everywhere when your eyes are wide open! The last time I found a gorgeous pattern on the floor of a friends house and had to take a picture! At the moment I love to look at houses …

  5. Most often I get my inspiration from the many blogs I follow. I love checking the projects on for sewing ideas and also I love checking out the Moda Bakeshop for new ideas.

  6. Ha, I think you just made all the flowery things for the glue high after all the curtain trauma ;o)

    For inspiration? Hmm, I ended up getting stuck in the loft with a pile of books I’d bought but barely flicked through previously and discovered that on reading them properly it sparked off all sorts of ideas. I recommend shutting yourself away with a book, but perhaps not in a loft, that was rather cold and draughty…

  7. Quiltvilles quips and snips is my first go to place, I just love scrappy and if i want something a bit more structured i head to the Missouri Star Quilt Co. There are so many that I could not list them all.

  8. Pinterest is where I go. I made the “mistake” of typing “Christmas patchwork” in the search box last week. I was there for hours! :oD

  9. Awesome clips 🙂 Juliet (Tartankiwi) is one of my go to blogs. As is Nin from Sailor Spy. Also Liz from Shush I’m quilting makes beautiful quilts!

  10. Blogs and my local quilt guild (North of the Yarra Quilters) are my foavourite inspiration sources. I receive invaluable help from my Sunday quilting group too. These ladies inspire me.

  11. I have always gone the traditional route and used books for inspiration but have recently discovered the joys of the blog world. Thimbleanna was the first quilty blog which really inspired me. (love your zigzag and print fabric)

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