My mind is continually overwhelmed with the creativity demonstrated by many of the bloggers I follow and more. I could spend hours on the internet browsing for inspiration – and sometimes do when I’m naughty and don’t stop myself from procrastinating 😛 It was on one of these such sessions that I came across the Quilt Blog Festival over at Amy’s Creative Side. What a cool idea!! I was very pleased to stumble across this – especially as I have been enviously watching many of my favourite Quilt Bloggers prepare to take off to Houston for the Quilters Market there (one day maybe!!). So it’s nice to be able to participate in a Quilt Festival – all while parked on my sofa with my feet up, children asleep and a bar of chocolate 🙂

Here is my entry for the festival – This is Hannah’s Quilt:

Hannah’s Quilt is very very dear to me – it’s the first quilt I ever made (leading to many many more and a fandangly new sewing maching since…). When Hannah was born she was presented with our family’s first quilt by a wonderful family friend Barbara, whom I have known since I was born. That baby quilt started my appreciation and love of quilts and made me want to try my hand at it. So while I was in New Zealand for the 2009/2010 summer I asked Barbara to teach me the basics. One afternoon Barbara was kind enough to come over and make a block with me from start to finish – making the block, teaching me half square triangles, to quilt it, bind it and finishing it up as a dolls quilt for miss Hannah. After returning back to Australia in February I put the idea of doing anything further aside and procrastinated – because I was S C A R E D.
By April I decided it was about time to put this fear aside and had the idea that it would be nice to make a quilt for Hannah’s big bed for her 2nd Birthday. Hours of surfing the internet for ideas (and procrastinating) later, I had came up with a plan and went fabric shopping.
After futher hours of tossing said ideas out the window, changing my mind about the fabric colours, perfecting (ha ha) my 1/4 inch seam, cutting bits off here and there again and again to make everything even (ish) and learning how to applique later, and hours of tearing my hair out at trying to get my sewing machine to SEW NICELY and behave itself later – I finally finished (in time for her birthday I might add)…

I ambitiously decided to free motion quilt it (thinking that straight line quilting might bring up a few too many flaws hmmm). This again created challenges. – I had to go and find a free motion foot to suit my basic, no brand sewing machine, then master the art of tension and control. I think I broke about 10 needles getting it finished, almost needing to check myself into anger management in the process!!! How I still have both my eyes (and that sewing machine is still in 1 piece) is beyond me – lets just say that free motion quilting and my old sewing machine were NOT suited!!

I’m SO proud of myself for finishing this quilt – and SO pleased that I conquered my fear of sewing to do it. Not only did I develop a new skill (and addiction), I also created something very special for Hannah that she cherishes hugely and I’m sure will for many years to come. It’s by no means a perfect quilt, but it’s perfectly special none the less. It’s not made using designer fabric, in fact it’s not even made using all quilters cotton. I had not yet discovered that not all cotton is created equal when I made this, and just picked fabrics I liked (and could afford at the time).

Here are a couple of photos of it being loved:


To say that Hannah loves it is probably an understatement… When I took it off her bed to photograph today she had a little melt down and told me in no uncertain terms “put that back on my bed mummy – that’s Hannahs… put it back, sob sob sob sob, put it back, sob sob sob, that’s HANNAH’S”. In the end we managed to calm the storm by getting her to “help” daddy hold it up for the camera, so I hope you all like the photos LOL…  Because of the craziness I also forgot to take a photo of the pieced back – but oh well. You’ll just have to imagine it’s greatness 😉

Anyway Happy Bloggers Quilt Festival everyone. Go check out everyone’s work and be inspired 🙂

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  1. fun, fun story. (sob sob.) She obviously loves her quilt. I like the colours pink and green go good together esp for a little girl. Keep with the quilting, have you checked out Moda Bake Shop and Sew 4 Home (more sewing than quilting but great tutorials)

  2. Very pretty quilt. I really like the hearts in the “A”s. That is so sweet that your daughter loves it so. I make quilts for my kids too and it’s just the best when you know how much they love them!

  3. I don’t know what is cuter, the quilt, Hannah or her room!
    all of it!
    I have a daughter named Hanna (danish spelling) – so I was drawn to your post!

  4. What a sweet quilt and a sweet story! Love them both – and I really like your clever use of hearts in the “a” in Hannah – what a wonderful loving touch! Happy stitching-

  5. Beautiful!! It is so lovely. I love the little hearts in her name, such a sweet touch. And I love the photo of her all snuggly with it! What is it with little girls and their quilts? My 2 yr old loves her little crib blankie and will only be covered with that one. 🙂

  6. i came here for the giveaway.. but i am floored by this love quilt. soo perfect in that room. amazing story.. i loved that you took soo much trouble to freemotion quilt it.

    awesome work!

  7. I think it was just the other day I mentioned what ever you make for Hannah I think you should make for Audrey! I Think she would love a quilt like this! We should start brainstorming ideas I think 🙂

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