I’ve been so slack at posting my Project 52’s of late that I’ve lost count of what week I’m up to… oops… (and since I’m too lazy to count – oh well…)

This week has been pretty productive really. With Neil being home I’ve had more time than usual to spend crafting, and I’ve loved it!! But since 2 of the projects that I finished are top secret for a little while longer, today I will just show you the finished version of Abbie’s quilt. Although when I say finished – I’m kind of neglecting the fact that I haven’t appliqued her name on it yet… that will be a job for later on, when I’ve got over my can’t be bothereds!! (applique tends to be one of those put-off jobs for me that I love the result of once I’m finished, but find it hard to muster the motivation to start!).

Here it is hanging out after it’s first wash in all it’s crinkly glory:

Despite the fact that I actually started out keeping this blog as a quilting blog, I haven’t actually made a quilt larger than a mini/dolls quilt for AAAAAAAGES!!! Way too long! (whoops) So it was really nice to have a very simple, quick and completely mindless quilt to make that I could put together in an afternoon. It’s not very big – small cot size. And it’s just made out of scraps from my first quilt, so nothing fancy (not even all quilters cotton). But I love it! It’s so bright and colourful, and it will always be special to me that these are the fabrics that I started my quilting journey with!

Trying to photograph Abbie enjoying her quilt was pretty hopeless – the distraction of being able to see out the front window for a change (we usually have the nets drawn to block out the light/heat) proved too much, and she wouldn’t look at the camera or keep still despite my copious amounts of silly noises… 😉

Here is one where she is somewhat sitting still (a rarity these days)…

For the quilting I decided to match it to Hannah’s quilt with all over free motion “stippling”:

So now my girls have 2 matching quilts, and I have recaught my quilting bug… Hmmm… what to make next!! 🙂
I have another finished quilt top in my drawer just waiting to be sandwiched, quilted and bound – so perhaps that would be a good start!!

How are you guys all going with your projects?


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