Another one of the cool places that Abbie & I visited on our trip to the UK was Nottingham city…
Ok I confess that I exaggerate a bit when I call it a cool place – Nottingham itself I can totally pass on – {it’s just another dirty great big city}; it was cool more because it was the people we went to see, not the city!…

Neil’s two brothers live in Nottingham along with their wives & children, so our first weekend in the UK Neil’s Mum drove us across and we spent 4 nights there visiting everybody. We have 3 nephews in total; ages 5, 3 & 2 and we were lucky enough to time our trip for one of their birthday’s.

To celebrate we spent a family day out at Manor Farm, Castle Hill. {Technically it’s Leistershire, but only a short drive from where one of Neil’s brothers lives in Nottingham}.
Wow do I highly recommend Manor Farm for a visit if you have small children!!!
Seriously, it was the best place for a relaxed family outing ever!! Mind you it did help that the sun was shining in one of the best British summer days ever! (The general consensus seemed to be that we brought it with us from Perth because it got to 31 degrees that week. Almost unheard of!)

Day out at Manor Farm...

It’s just a small farm in terms of size & numbers of animals to see, but it offers so much more than your typical farm visit place does! Firstly it’s so picturesque, but secondly it has the most impressive array of children’s play areas to choose from. I believe there must have been at least 5-6 different areas, each offering different stuff for the children to do as well as the animals to see as well.

We arrived at about 10.30ish am and left about 5pm and there was not a single tear shed from any child (or parent) in our party that entire time!! Nice!
The first play area we came to had slides, a cubby complete with cooking stuff, push around cars & bikes, a picnic gazebo, and more. We hung out there for an hour or so until it was time for a picnic…

Our Day at Manor Farm

Next it was off on a slow trip down to the bottom, visiting all the animals on the way.
There were goats, pigs, ponies, owls, peacocks, ducks, geese, sheep etc. etc…

Our Day at Manor Farm

A few donkeys to ride…

Our Day at Manor Farm

Also a few potheads happened to be in residence, watching the goings on around them…

Our Day at Manor Farm
Next we went for a walk right down to the bottom play area. Passing gorgeous duck ponds, “pirate ships”, sand tables and more on the way.
There were even some blue butterflies just to make me feel really at home 😉
Our Day at Manor Farm
Down the bottom there was definitely time to curl up in the shade under one of the gorgeous trees and smell the roses.
Or pick the daisies in Abbie’s case.
Our Day at Manor Farm
Our Day at Manor Farm
The bottom playground was filled with towers, swings, a huge teepee made of sticks, a carriage with wooden horses to ride, tunnels and just generally heaps of other cool wooden structures to climb on.
Here’s me playing the big kid…
Photo courtesy of my Father-in-law
After a few hours down there basking in sunshine we decided to take the lazy sensible option and catch the milk float back up the hill to our last stop, the indoor playground.
Our Day at Manor Farm
Meet {some of} the family. I’d show you more pics but I haven’t asked permission…
As if things couldn’t get any better the indoor playground wowed me once again!
We were greeted by yet more amazing play areas…
One for the littlies with all kinds of cool stuff for Abbie’s age, A maHOUSIVE pirate ship with bells to ring & places to climb all over, a ball court, a “gocart” track with all kinds of weird & wonderful pedal gokarts & also most importantly a cafe to give us parents our caffeine fix after all that walking!
Photo courtesy of my Father-in-law
Unfortunately I did not have the best lens on my camera to take photos of the inside coolness. So you’ll just have to use your imagination!
Lastly, just in case we hadn’t already had enough sensory overload, the farm put on “animal bedtime” at closing time which allowed the kids to get up close & personal with all the animals as they trotted to bed…
We got to see all the geese, pigs, ponies, donkeys, goats and sheep up close & the kids even got to feed the lama a carrot each…
So in all it was a perfect family day. 
Well… nearly perfect – 
Perfect would have been the other half of my family being there too!!
As it was the 11 of us there all shared a surname which I found pretty cool
I reckon I have one more short holiday post to go and then I’ll be back to “normal”…
Have a happy weekend.

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  1. Heeeeeeeeeyyyyyy, quit badmouthing Nottingham!! 🙂 I live in Nottingham, PA and I was offended until I read that you’re in the REAL Nottingham! Beautiful pics!

  2. What a fun place to play!!
    I just love the “daisy” pics of Abbie. 😀

    I still like to go to petting zoos, where you can get up close & touch all the critters. Glad you had such good weather that day!

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