EEEEEEEEEEEEEEK we just put an offer in on a house!! Now to see if the owners accept our offer and conditions... This time next week we might own a house

I am not the most patient of people…
Ok, total understatement – my middle name might as well have been impatient.
So this week has just about killed me.
Killed me I tell you!

You see last weekend we went and fell in love with a house.
It has everything on our “want” list for a long term home –
it’s big (200m2 + a double garage), it has character, it has a decent sized bit of land, it has 2 bathrooms, it has a view, it’s near some awesome parks and nature walks, it’s walking distance to my friends, 4-5 minute drive to Hannah’s school and my parents house and about a 3 minute drive to town.)
and MIRACULOUSLY it fit into our budget.
I’m not joking – that is a miracle. Our budget is not generous!

The only catch is that it is just about all original 1970s decor.
(down to the last curtain and light fitting I tell you!)
Want a sneak peak?

Definitely a long term project house,
But gosh I love it.
Oh the potential!
We could see ourselves there for the next 20-30 years…

So, when we didn’t hear back about our offer for 2 whole days I started to feel it all slipping away.
Then a counter offer came back $18,000 away from our top offer.
 my heart hit the floor and I started to give up a little.

Since Mr Flutter is still in Australia and hasn’t actually seen the house in the flesh, despite his enthusiasm for it from the internet listing, and the gazillion photos I’ve sent him since, and despite the fact that he says he’s completely comfortable with my judgement and the judgement of my parents and a host of trusted advisors, I did not feel comfortable increasing our offer further without him seeing it.
It’s too big of a decision.
So it was either she accept that price or we wait a week for him to arrive and take the risk someone else would love it more in that time (it is brand new to the market so there was definitely a good chance of that happening).

But we got praying.
And so did many others on our behalf!
Then yesterday – 5 full days after our initial offer – the agent rung me back to tell me that the owner had had enough time and would now likely take our original offer price.
So after a quick chat to Neil we did.
Much to our surprise, and delight, within 30 minutes he rung back to say she had signed it.

I’m a lot excited!

But still a little apprehensive.
We still have another week to wait to find out for sure that it’s ours…
Before that can happen it has to pass the building inspection which I’m a little nervous about –
Because we are already aware that it does need work doing to it.
Then we have to get it valued and get final approval from the bank.

I have faith.
If we are meant to have it then these things will all come through, and if we aren’t then they won’t.
So I guess we will just have to see what the next week brings.

I can’t wait to tell you and show you all about it.
If we get this house it is going to keep me veeeeerrrrryyyyy busy.
But oh the sewing space.
I am dying of excitement inside about the sewing space!!!!!!!!!!!

Right, please excuse me while I go and spend hours on Pinterest 😉

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  1. got every thing crossed for you .. deep breaths … YES .. you have to breath while waiting!! I crossed everything for my daughter last week and they just heard they got the house they want to rent .. so take it as a good omen xx

  2. I love the view off that patio! How pretty!

    Good luck waiting until you receive the final approvals!!! It sounds like a great house and I hope you get it!

  3. My cottage was in a sorry state when I bought it, think plastic wood panels, but the kitchen was good,it had lots of cupboard space and a sewing room. Nuff said.

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