A few weeks ago I bid on some items at auction to raise money for WA families with special needs children. I was lucky enough to win my bid for this yummy package of bicki mixes and it arrived during the week…


Now I know what you are thinking; I’m not exactly well known for my desire to bake. Or cook anything for that matter.
But hey, it was for charity and these looked yummy.
Ok ok I confess… I liked the tin.
And yes, I also realise how stupid it was for me to bid on a mug since I don’t drink hot drinks either. But it looked pretty and made me smile, and it’s pretty ironic don’t you think 😉

But I figure that these are instant packet mixes and you just add the wet ingredients. So how hard can they be right?!!
Well – turns out, not hard at all. Even a lazy baker like me can cope with them.
And I am not exaggerating when I say that so far our results have been YUMMO!!

Today we made the Cranberry & white chocolate chip cookies because well Hannah loves baking and Neil loves eating the baking. Since Neil is coming home tonight I thought it would be nice to make him a treat.


Every baker needs a crown right?

So far I can completely recommend these bicki mixes! I reckon they would make a fantastic gift and some of them even come with their own cookie cutters. FUN!
So guess what we’ll be doing more of over the next few weeks of school holidays. If only my hips were immune to the calories *sigh…

But that’s when my day turned really strange – look what else I made.


This was the yummiest (ok the only) bacon & egg pie I’ve ever made.
It tastes so good that I’m thinking it may not be the last. I guess we’ll have to see whether laziness in the kitchen trumps taste buds or vice versa!

Today I’ve also done 4 loads of washing, made my bed up with fresh sheets, vacuumed, cleaned my oven, dusted, scrubbed my kitchen and generally tidied and decluttered.
Go me.

But don’t worry – I haven’t been taken over by aliens, all the cleaning boils down to 3 little words…

GAH I hate those things… it doesn’t matter how hard I try to make my house immaculate (and it’s generally pretty good anyway) they always always find something to write down just for the principle of it.
But at least I have a clean house. Question is – can it last until Tuesday?
I don’t like my chances!…

Have a nice weekend

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  1. Oh no – does this mean I need to start cooking now! You were my last hope Kat! My plan is to get the kids cooking so I don’t have to!

    My 11 year old is the keenest…!

  2. The baking looks fabulous. But the cleaning. Yuck! I got told by a rent inspector here that they are looking for damage not over all cleanliness. They want to make sure that there won’t be holes in the walls and stuff like that when you move out. Obviously Aussie rent inspectors are on a different agenda!

  3. blimey, cleaning for a rent inspection!! It reminds me of my airforce days (as a dependant and then a wife)when the place had to be immaculate before you moved out. Good luck!

  4. Hahaha! Getting the prize just for the tin and because it looked pretty! Too funny!
    The mixes look good though. I prefer to make them from scratch! =D

  5. Like Catherine, reminds me of March Out days! Boo Hiss! Give him some cookies, that will smooth anything over 🙂 Keep up the baking the girls will continue into their teenage years! Mine both still do!

  6. I used to hate rent inspections …they always expect your house to look like a show home. It’s not real for crying out loud. People LIVE in homes.

    Ok now I wanna run off and bake something…too bad I dont have a working oven !

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