In my last post I shared with you the news of our big 2-month trip… Well, this is the year for major exciting changes – because I am THRILLED to share with you our HUUUUGE news…

Last Monday my husband resigned his job and will be officially joining me FULLTIME in my business.


Ok, so that’s llife-changing for us as a family! We’ve relied on Neil’s income as the major income for the majority of our marriage, and certainly the last decade. So it will be a significant change for us as a family.

BUT his job was not cutting it for our family. When Neil came back from working in Australia, he took a seriously significant pay cut so that he could be home every night with the family. He had worked away for the first 7 years of the children’s lives and we wanted him home every night.
Except that wasn’t happening. This year, he has been travelling again more than he’s been home. Only now he’s on less than half the money.

Seeing him only at weekends, after he’s exhausted from travelling & working long hours, has not been conducive for happy family life.

So, we’re changing it up and choosing happiness over financial security.

But, we’re really confident in my business and know that it will pay off. Even if it’s not perfect timing with our big trip coming up shortly.

And that’s that. Come the 1st June I will have a new partner in crime over at The Helpful Brand.

Neil’s role will be as our Systems Implementation Manager. It really is the perfect job for him – he LOOOOOOVES that stuff. And I love that I can handball a lot of the more technical stuff that I don’t love off to him haha.

Bring it on in all it’s chaotic glory.

Do you work with your partner? If so, I’d love to hear your tips…


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  1. Now that sure is exciting news, at the end of the day I always maintain that I have never read a tomb stone giving someones death weight, or bank balance!!! as long as there is a roof over your heads, a meal on the table, a bit of coin for those pesky bills, then thats what is important, it will be a wonderful adventure 🙂

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