I kind of got carried away yesterday doing other things and completely forgot to draw the winner of my charm square giveaway… ooops 🙂
Ah well, it’s still Friday for many of you right?!

So, the winner is…

Who happens to be:

Congratulations Janet!
I’ll email you shortly to get your address.

Thank you everyone else for you kind comments on my new “look” and my absence!
This week has had a few things of excitement happen in between all the “not so exciting!”.

For example my Dad rang me {from New Zealand} on Thursday mid morning on my mobile phone. That usually only happens in emergency situations because it works out very expensive for them to ring me and we usually just skype, so when I heard his voice I was busy thinking “oh no, what’s happened!”
But as it happened he just wanted to ask if we’d like a visitor next week…
– I knew he was contemplating a visit in October to see us but when he went on to price it up he must have decided to do a search for this week just to have a laugh, and it turned out that there was only $1 difference in the fares!

Of course I was thrilled to hear he was considering visiting, let alone so soon and now it’s all confirmed he arrives tomorrow. 
Woot woot!
Nothing like a {very!} short notice visit from a family member to brighten our spirits!! My girls and I are very close to my Dad, and now he will be here for both Abbie’s surgery & her 2nd birthday. So we are very excited to be having him visit for 2 weeks!
{It’s a just shame my Mum can’t come too, but unfortunately she is not yet retired like Dad and already used her holiday visiting my beautiful new niece in Brisbane in May.}

Unfortunately he won’t get to see Mr Flutter at all, but these things happen.
Talk about Abbie’s best birthday yet – “new ears” & a visit from her Papa.
Somehow I don’t think anything from the toy shop will be able to top those next year! 😉

Otherwise it’s 2 more sleeps till her surgery and very definitely counting!

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  1. Hurray for parents coming to visit! Spur of the moment is even better! I know you will all have a wonderful time 🙂

    My mum arrives Thursday night, can’t wait to see her 🙂 xx

  2. Yup, your dad is the best, I know that I would be on a plane if you were my daughter and she were my granddaughter and your husband had not choice but to be at work.

  3. Oh thanks for the lovely win! Wonderful that your dad is coming. I just had a dear friend come and visit on short notice and it was so much fun and made me feel good.

  4. I just bought a new reader app for my iPad and thought I’d been commenting away all vacation. Turns out the thing is not working though and no comments has been posted 🙁 just wanted to say I’m glad the operation is right around the corner, and that your hair looks awesome and that you are really the one who deserves some great charms in your mail to kick of your sewing mojo again when all is settled.

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