It is with great pleasure that I can finally let you know some big news…
My good friend Cindy from Fluffy Sheep Quilting {the blog} has just opened her online fabric shop Fluffy Sheep Quilting {The Shop}…

I have had the privilege of working with Cindy closely in the lead up to this grand opening and she is the most infectiously nice & positive person. I wish her every success with her shop!

To celebrate her grand opening Cindy is sponsoring some giveaways. To enter and win some great loot you can visit her blog here, Susan’s blog here, Hadley’s blog here and Sarah’s blog here.

Cindy has also generously released a discount code for her grand opening, allowing you to save 10% off your order. Simply enter Launch10% at checkout to redeem it.

Photo shamelessly nicked from Cindy’s website

I’ve fallen in love with the Ruby Star Rising typewriters in neutral myself and put together a Kona pack to complement them. I can’t wait for them to wing their way to me so I can put together a suitably awesome project!!

I love how easy to use Cindy’s website is, how cheerful it looks and how EASY it is to change currency. Not a fan of shopping in Euro’s, no problem, with just a flick of a button how bout shopping in pounds or US dollars? Too easy.

Sorry if that’s all a bit enabling. But who can resist a visit to peruse some yummy fabric right 😉

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  1. Eee! Thanks so much for such a rave review, Kat! You know how much I’ve valued your support and contribution to this launch. I clearly could not have done it w/o you.

    Kat’s too modest to say it herself, but I’ll let the Kat out of the bag (har har). She was the brains behind and inspired designer of the new FSQ logo. Drew that little sheep herself! Kat, thank you.

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