What a place to fall asleep

Unlike Miss Bella there, I need some sleep!
Abbie has developed croup & is running a temperature,
which means I haven’t had much sleep for 2 nights,
we had to take a day at home,
she’s more tired/grumpy than normal &
the girls are fighting more than normal…

Oh yeah, that’s what having sick kids was like…
I can’t believe this was my life for 3 whole months!!!
It’s only really been one day and I’m sick of it already.

Bella has also decided that she’s part of the furniture here now.
Which means that apparently she has the right to scratch & chew on all the furniture,
Or everything else in sight for that matter…
Oh yeah, that’s what having kittens is like…
Not all cute kitty cuddles.
(Watch out Miss Bella because I’m coming for you with my water pistol!)


So I’m grumpy and I’m pretty sure I’m also hormonal.
But in the midst of it all I have a lot to be thankful for…

Like Mr Flutter walking through the door tonight at 5.30pm.
Yeah! That will never get old!

Like my online shopping delivery & a full pantry & fridge.
Gotta love shopping day!
Especially when they deliver it right to your kitchen bench for the small fee of $5.
So worth it!

Like a girls night to look forward to for tomorrow night.
A good friend of mine is also changing decades this month.
Yay for girls nights!
Especially one I won’t have to be doing everything for 🙂

Like a $25 telstra voucher being delivered to my inbox.
Which means I’ve been able to download a bunch of stuff on my telstra box.
Currently the girls are beside me watching about orang-utans & elephants.
I don’t need to watch it because I get the constant run down out of Abbie’s mouth…
“(L)Oook, he’s climbing… ooook he’s swimming… oooook he’s riding motobike”
It’s pretty cute I must admit.

So that is my Friday.
Please excuse me while I go and console myself with a chocolate chip cookie,
Perhaps that will help keep me awake until bedtime…

Choc chip cookies from my new Donna Hay cook book. They are YUMMO

Here’s hoping for a better night of sleep tonight!!

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  1. No! You can’t be sleep deprived again. You have done your time. Not fair! There, I just had a good whinge for you. Sleep deprivation is horrible. But having your husband home is fab. How go get your water pistol and have some fun stalking Bella.

  2. Oh I sure do hope Miss Abbie is better soon, lack of sleep is the pits.
    Thanks so much for sharing in my night with me, I had the most wonderful evening with you all.

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