So, this month we had the best news ever –

My Dad is officially in remission!

Here he is preparing the BBQ for a spit roast.

His oncologist calls him “a walking miracle.” And it totally feels like he is – because this time last year things were extremely dire; he was hospitalised for 2 months and given 3-12 months (depending on whether his cancer responded to chemo or not). But, he’s officially outlived his prognosis – it’s now been over 12 months.

I feel very thankful that we’ve had another year of making memories with him. And this year, since Christmas, he’s mostly been very healthy and able to enjoy life.

Statistically, the cancer is likely to come back before Christmas. But who knows – statistically speaking he had a 10% chance of still being here right now, and he’s here!

So, we try not to think about it, and celebrate life in remission.


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