Nothing much to see here…

    Not the best start to the day having someone reverse into me in their huge 4x4!!! What a waste of a 'free' morning. No jobs off my to do list done today my car might be a write off and they just have a small scratch. Nice.

    Just having one of “those” weeks…

    Visa issues, sick kids, a migraine, massive and hard decisions,
    Then just to top it off someone backed into me this morning in a car park…
    Just what I could have done without on my one morning off this week…

    But in amongst the stress there are so many things to be grateful for…
    Friends who lend a listening ear, both of us in great employment, a wonderful boss who has leant me a car for a few weeks until mine gets sorted out, and the budget to buy wine & chocolate to console my annoyance 😉

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    1. I had to explain to somebody a few days ago that driving a “Chelsea Tractor” does not mean that they own the ground they drive on, they still have to obey the same rules as the rest of us. I then phoned the local police and reported her for dangerous driving.Not nice but she was very vitriolic and more than aggressive.


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