Sheesh it’s been a while since I shared a quilt on here…
Probably because sewing time has been limited recently!… This quilt was finished just prior to our NZ holiday, so that I could take it to meet it’s new owner, little Nishan, in Wellington. Nishan is the new son of my very good childhood friend Karoona & her husband Daniel. He is a little cutie but unfortunately I didn’t get a pic of him on the quilt to share. Here is the quilt anyway…

A simple charm square quilt from Riley Blake All Star 2 fabric.

I love the pop of colour this quilt brings. It’s so bright and cheerful.
It is backed with cozy microfibre fleece. Warm & snuggly!

All washed & crinkly, ready to love…

ETA: Just in case anyone else is interested… I do use batting when I use fleece. I use 100% cotton standard loft batting (from Spotlight). It makes for a thick quilt through my machine but it is not unmanageable, and it makes for lovely cosy results. However – if you would like to try using fleece then I have a few tips – #1 spray baste don’t pin baste. Because otherwise the fleece stretches and puckers like anything giving massive headaches. #2 Straight quilting with a walking foot is the easiest way to quilt it.

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  1. I don’t think you can beat Riley Blake All Stars, it’s so fresh and yummy. Lovely quilt, he’s a lucky bloke.

  2. Wow this quilt is gorgeous! I wish I knew you were quilting when I had Audrey and Dean, I would have asked you to make me one for sure. I’m so tempted to get you to make one for keepsake anyway but it probably wont be the same if they actually didnt use them?!… right???

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