Thank you to everybody for your lovely comments on my post the other day about Neil’s work situation… I really appreciate your kind words and support!
I’m pleased to report that I have moved on from it all…
Putting it down on paper (or screen as the case may be) really did help cleanse me of my “mad”, and I’m just getting on with things really. What else can you do but choose to look forward and not dwell!…
It’s easier not to think about it and just move on. Especially because I just shudder everytime I think of the prospect that it could be another entire year before he gets to finish.
But again – lets not go there!

Moving on…


Today was a big day in the Flutter house…
Eldest Flutter child adorned her very first uniform and headed off to “school” today for the first time…
(which really means 5 days of Kindy a fortnight, but it’s part of the big school so we just call it school).

Hannah has been looking forward to this day for WEEKS!
She was so excited in fact that by 7am this morning she had already fully dressed herself in her “new uniform” & school shoes, had her backpack on and was standing by the door ready to go. Hmmm….
Needless to say that the 2 hour wait after that before it started nearly killed her…

Hannah was also most disappointed to find out that after an hour at school it was time to leave again. Today was just a short information morning and she doesn’t start properly until Friday. (So that is why there are no sob stories to tell yet. And by sob stories I mean it will be me most likely to be doing the sobbing not her! 😉 )
I only hope that she’s as eager to go when it properly sets in that Mummy will actually be leaving her there alone! I’m sure she’ll be fine. She is such a confident, social girl and the teacher mentioned all of Hannah’s favourite words:
“Drawing, gluing, cutting, painting, sticking, playdough etc etc…” so I’m thinking that she’s going to be in Hannah heaven!!

It will really help me out if she’s fine too, because I’m pretty sure I won’t be. As much as I’m looking forward to the break and am quite excited about it in so many ways – it’s a scary business this letting go thing and it’s making me a little sad to see her so grown up!! My Mama bear can’t help but feel a little protective too as I know that she is going to be one of the youngest in her class, if not the youngest, in some cases by up to a year. I’m sure many of you can relate…

This afternoon we also kissed Neil’s Mum off at the airport.
It has been lovely having her visit. Thankfully it is not that long before Abbie & I head over to England for a visit, so we at least don’t have long to wait until we get to see her again.

So after an early morning with school then a 2 hour round trip to the airport we are all rather pooped today.

Early to bed for the Flutter house tonight I suspect…

Thank goodness for an easy day at home tomorrow!

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  1. awww she looks so cute, my mum told me that you had to keep the tears away until you couldn’t be seen…when my DD started school (she was 2 years 10 months) I left her and she was wobbling, I walked out the door, out of the playground and then the tears came 🙂 good luck xx

  2. Aww, so cute! We didn’t have things like introduction days when I was at school, and apparently my mum and dad walked me lovingly to the gate on my first day at big school (aged 4), whereupon I sprinted off at high speed, never to be seen again until home time that night lol I think because I’d done playschool (rather like your kindy) for 2 years before, I didn’t really get phased at the separation.

  3. Hannah looks so sweet in her uniform. I work in a school office and we had a funny call from a parent this afternoon. Her daughter told her, the teacher said she didn’t have to go to school on Friday…needless to say Mum phoned to check…but the novelty had definitely worn off for that little one – I’m sure your Hannah won’t be like that though!!

  4. She looks so cute all dressed up and ready to go for school!! I still have photos of my daughter all ready on her first day, and its one of my faves. It sounds like she will be just fine– my daughter (also a first born) is very social and adjusted well to school. She will be in heaven with all the crafty activities and other children. And you still have one at home, so hopefully you won’t be completely lonely. Yes, it is hard to see them grow and hit milestones, but its also amazing to see their little personalities develop and mature. I wish YOU luck, since i know it will be hard for you to “let go”.

  5. An exciting morning in the Flutter house. Hannah looks very grown up in her uniform.

    I still get teary when I see Miss P in photos of her first day at school.

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