Never underestimate the depth and power of friendships from people that you meet online,
That is my advice today!!!
Because online friendships really can blossom to be something quite quite special…

Today I really could have used a pick me up.
We’ve had 5 weeks straight of Mr Flutter being at home almost full time with us as a family, but regrettably he had to leave today for another 4 week swing of away work {we still don’t have a definitely suitable solution for ending those soon as we’d hoped to by now}.
So we 3 Flutter girls are all a bit glum.

But then this rocked up in my mailbox today and shone a whole lot of friendly sunshine upon my day…

I cannot even express to you how special it was to receive this today!!
I knew this completely awesome cushion was being sent to me and I was STILL lost for words…

Hours and hours of work have gone into this cushion. Right through from paper pieced hexagons to hand embroidered flowers ever stitch of it is just perfect for me…

The back is just as special too…

In fact the entire thing is just spectacular!
I’d seen lots of photos of this during the process of it’s making, and I knew through the whole process that it was for me.
I loved it through the entire process, but now that I’ve been able to touch it and cuddle it I love it even more & I can truly appreciate what a work of art it is.

So from the bottom of my heart, thank you so much Susan!!
I honestly don’t know how you could post this to me & not keep it for yourself.
You are for sure a better person than I 🙂
I will treasure it.

And to all my other special online friends who have sent me things over the last few months that I haven’t always blogged about {purely because I wasn’t blogging much at the time}, or even if you’ve just sent me a private email to say hi or send your love, (you all know who you are)
Thank you also.
All my online friends make my life so much richer.

So if you are a lurker and have never emailed or commented on someone’s blog all I can say is don’t be afraid to give it a try.
There are real people down the other end of the email, and if you give them a chance they just might wow you with their love & support too.

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  1. As soon as I saw this cushion on your page I new it was Susan’s, as I had followed her progress as she made it, but never knew it was for you…you are a very deserving recipient of such a beautiful gift! I do hope it has cheered you up, it’s just beautiful. x

  2. Susan is just amazing – a fantastic online AND real life friend. Kat, you’re so lucky to have a little bit of her creativity and skill in your house! xx

  3. This may come as an annonymous (sp?!) comment because I am reading this on my phone you know where again. Your post and the comments made me cry. Thanks for being my friend and so pleased you like the cushion. You deserve every last hexie and stitch.

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