… I am a fabricoholic!!

And this is why I haven’t been to Spotlight or let myself look at any fabric websites for months…

… because bundles like this just jump into my car and come home with me.
Despite the fact that I could not possibly need any more fabric!!

I also could not resist this one…

So yum!
Even if so unnecessary.
I am officially banning myself from entering that shop again until I’ve actually used some of my stash up!

On the other hand I did actually sew something today. Yippee
I’ll show you tomorrow when I’ve hopefully finished a bit more…

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  1. P.S. I really hope you didn’t take the last of it as I stuffed up cutting out one of the covers and want to go back tomorrow to get more!
    And just to clarify, I didn’t totally stuff up but on the cover I have already made, a bird is right in the centre of the front (pure fluke!) whereas on the other one which has not yet been sewn, I have two birds offset. I could still use it but it doesn’t look quite as good. Yep, perfectionist I know!! x

  2. Ummm… I guess I will also confess that I to am a fabric-a-holic, haha. I went today to just pick up a solid pink and came home with an entire pile of fabrics. I can’t help it if half of them were on sale at $4 or $5 a yard!!

  3. Lol my name is Trudi and I’m a fabricholic! And I’ve even been known to,sew from stash! All I can say is good on ya! Nothing like a well stocked stash for creativity!

  4. I bought some of that newsprint fabric on Saturday. It was irresitable.
    And I’m going back tonight to buy that pink & orange plaid. I have been thinking about it all week 🙂 No idea what I’m going to do with it, so I’ll probably need to get coordinating fabrics just to be safe 😉

  5. I absolutely love your fabric!!
    My faves are the text prints and
    the bird & cup. I live in a rural
    area, and shop online. Wish I
    had a shop like that near me!!
    You are so lucky!!

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