Either that or have a fit of the horrors… But to be honest I’m having a hard time deciding which LOL…
Let me explain…

My Mother and I are very different. She is a “keeper” and I am a “giver-away-er/minimalist”.
Mum likes to keep everything sentimental to her, or anything that might have a future use. (Which is a lot)
And I like to run with the minimum possible.
I find it cleansing to throw/give things away. (Not everything. But a lot)
Growing up Mum would never let me throw anything away. Which used to drive me absolutely bonkers!
It’s only now that I’m an adult am I starting to really appreciate it though.
Because I periodically can “raid” my special things from her house that she’s kept of mine from when I grew up (usually the stuff that didn’t get past her when I was trying to purge my stuff).

Haha, yes, I just admitted that you can be right Mum… don’t let it go to your head 😉

Anyway… having 2 small children & a husband who has some mildish hoarder tendancies, obviously I’m not in full control of how much stuff we have;
But it drives me CRAZY when my cupboards are not tidy or start to get full to bursting and when I can’t see clearly what I have. Or it’s not organised into some kind of usable system.
It literally makes me grumpy and feel weighed down if I have so much stuff that I don’t even know what I’ve got, or can’t FIND what I’ve got when I want to.
I get it from my grandmother.
Possibly grandmothererS.
(Not the grumpy part Nana, – just the tidy part LOL ;))

Now I’m not saying that I’m not sentimental.
I am.
More so now than I’ve probably ever been. But I just find that I need to put limits on that and what I keep. Especially as we move so often.
It’s just not possible to keep everything!

This week (you may have guessed from my “other girl” post) we are having a big clean out. We’ve lived in this house for nearly 2 years, gone through a lot of growth (literally – having another baby kind of growth!) and it has been getting a bit full to the brim. Especially Neil’s shed (aka the dump zone).
So we have been culling.

And in my cleaning out I found a box of my favourite clothes that I’d kept from when the girls were small babies. This is EXACTLY the thing that I am sentimental about. I have given away the majority of their things, but I have saved all my/our favourites and these particular ones I could never part with them.

But it’s a box of clothes taking up valuable space in my cupboard!
And they are essentially items that will be unusable for the next 25 years, assuming even that my girls ever have baby girls themselves! That’s a long time to hold onto them.

So what’s a girl to do but turn them into something usable…
aka cut them up and make them into a quilt. (Sorry if that gives you the guffaws!).

May I present to you my first completed project of 2012 – our “Happy-Snuggles” quilt…

Ooops – need a taller person holding it up so that you can see it in its full glory…

“Ohhhh Mr Fluuuuuutttttteeerrrrrr…..”

That’s better!…

I’m not sure who loves it most, me or the girls…

Yes, obviously I have a love for pink, blue & green LOL…

I have to admit that this was the hardest and least enjoyable quilt that I’ve ever made!…
Both technically and emotionally…
Despite my desire to have a memory quilt that I can stare at with pleasure AND my desire to not have boxes of “unusable stuff” hanging around in my cupboards, it was still incredibly hard to cut these precious clothes up.
Very very hard.

I was also extremely scared that I’d stuff it up and regret it, especially never having made a memory quilt before, or quilted with these kinds of fabrics. They’re not the easiest to work with and there are no second chances!

But once I’d got over that and got going it didn’t take me that long.
It was a complete pain in the neck (the front & back were both stretch thanks to fleece and knit fabrics – WHAT a complete pain to baste & to quilt!!)
But it was fast, so that’s something.

It is however the quilt most full of love & memories, and by far the snuggliest quilt that I’ve ever made.
All the well-washed stretch knits on the front make for such a soft soft finish, and I used fleece on the back for full snuggle effect. This time I didn’t use any batting since I was using fleece, because I thought it would be too hot for our climates here otherwise.

It contains clothes such as:
The outfits I bought the girls home in the hospital in.
Clothes my Mum, Neil’s Mum, our Sisters-in-laws or I have bought for the girls.
(I think there’s only one piece of clothing in there that wasn’t gifted by family).
The first personalised t-shirts I ever made for the girls.
Clothes we bought on Hannah’s first trip to England (we found clothes much cheaper there so stocked up a bit)

And it’s the first quilt I’ve ever made that has snaps, a zipper, sequins, buttons, lace applique, ruffles, textile vinyl, lots of pockets, denim and stretch knit on!

If you don’t count the backing then it’s the first quilt I’ve made entirely from recycled materials too…

So there you have it, the first quilt completed yesterday on the first day of the year –
I started the year as I plan to continue… sewing that is! Heheh
Don’t you just love fast projects!!

I’ve told Hannah that this is now going to be our “happy-snuggles” quilt and that it has super special “happy special powers” to cheer us up when we feel blue. She took me so literally and could not wait to have her first snuggle when she fell over and hurt herself just literally as I finished it…

My Mum bought Hannah that “I replaced the dog” onesie when we moved to Aussie and had to leave our dogs behind. It was a little bit of a sore spot at the time but looking back on it it’s pretty funny so it had to be included in there! LOL…

So I’d say that that there makes all the conquering of “sewing with knit” fear and pain of trying to quilt that mother worth it! – Daddy cuddles and a new quilt, what could make a 3 year old any more happy – Bless!
One I’m sure that we’ll be enjoying for a lifetime to come…


Oh a side note I’ve had people ask me (regularly) how I find time to craft and also especially how I find time to take photos during daylight while looking after the kids.
Well to be honest I don’t find it that hard – the secret is to including them and making it fun….

Wanna see what really goes on behind the scenes at our “photoshoots”?
(Unbeknownst to me Mr Flutter went a little snap happy. I’m not used to not being the photographer…)

wow go the crazy hair!

Yep there you have it – my simple secret is that we get very silly together in amongst getting the “serious” shots 😉

Ok finished my ramble now… I think maybe I should make another new years resolution of trying to make my blog post shorter 😉 haha…
The curse of being able to touch type LOL

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  1. How wonderful! Such a great idea! I have saved t-shirts to make into a quilt for my kids, but I never thought of using those special clothes I have in the hope chest. And since I’ve saved all of Bea’s work from Kindergarten, the lid hardly closes anymore:)

  2. Love, love, love it, Kat!!!!! That will quite possibly be the most special quilt you ever make!!! I can relate to how hard it was to make the first cut, as there is no going back. At my daughter’s request, I’ve turned a favourite baby doll t-shirt into a bag, another t-shirt into a cushion and transformed my daughter’s wedding dress to a day dress and then to a top. As my daughter was saying, Isn’t this exciting, I was feeling a tad nervous. I was very happy with the outcome, though, for all three. They’re all on my blog if you’d like to take a look.

  3. so funny about the hoarding.. my mom keeps lots of stuff too, I’m amazed… I really don’t…
    I do see my daughter starting to be like my mom, she wants to keep all her stuff. The other day- before christmas when the kids came home from school, they always show me the weeks work on friday and I comment on it and keep very little of it, put it in a pile, and then when they run upstairs to play I toss it- unless it’s a really nice drawing or something like that, but not coloring pages etc. well that day my daughter got a clementine I think and she was peeling it and I told her to put it in the trash, then she started crying- MOMMY! you threw THIS in the trash…. it was some of the school work….. OOPSIE, both my husband and I took it out and he intently looked at the whole pile and sat with her and complimented her, and we told her, we just CAN’t keep everything, but we keep their very best. she seemed okay with that…SIGH!

  4. I’m like your mum, I have a hard time throwing things out, just in case I need the down the track.
    I was getting all excited and thought, yay I could make a quilt out of BP’s baby/toddler clothes that I’ve saved, until I got to how hard it was for you to do it. If you found it hard it would probably be impossible for me.
    It’s a great idea and it looks so cute.
    I can’t believe you’ve already made and finished something in 2012.

  5. It truly is a beautiful quilt to touch and feel….maybe I have some thoughts on jumping into my boxes of treasures stored away…I know Meg is keen for me too.

    Thanks for today…and my family are enjoying my pressie!!!

  6. I love the block that is the bottom of a onesie with the snaps and the curve of the fabric!

    Both my girls are hoarders and I am too sentimental. What I did when they were little was created memory boxes for them and then special outfits or drawings, etc go in these boxes and they like to get them out once in a while and go through them, coming up with their memories and getting me even more sentimental! They are allowed to put the occasional outfit in there if I agree it was particularly special – everything else still usable gets handed down!

    Moving house five times in their short lives helps me get rid of clutter each time but never enough! I need a house with storage, and a basement!!

  7. Hi Kat! You did so well! That was a great idea and fantastic way to use and enjoy those special cloths! Unique quilt and so beautiful – I love also those colours! I’m sure it was difficult project!
    Enjoy your New Creative Year! x Teje

  8. I am the hoarding queen!!
    I have meant to make a quilt of the girls and son’s outgrown clothes for so long – if I could actually find the boxes and boxes of stuff I might actually do it one day!!
    Great start xxx

  9. I love the vest fastener on the Quilt square!
    No, do not shorten your posts, you would shorten my enjoyment of reading about Flutters!

    And I am a hoarder, my best friends mother was a ‘deal with it now and do not keep unnecessary stuff’ So as soon as my friend had her own place she was presented with the contents of her bedroom, Dealt with! Some benefits to each.

  10. This is just such a lovely and practical quilt Kat…and I so enjoyed reading every word. Did you take any photos of the clothing stack before you cut them up? I would like to have seen that pile! I love the photos of your girls holding up the quilt for the photo shoot too. Cheers, Fiona.

  11. Well done you, it looks fab! I’m with your mum though, I SERIOUSLY hoard, badly. In fact I’m having to get the loft sorted so I can store stuff up there – oops! I do love the fact that Mr Flutter is wearing a crown while snuggling his princess, perfect!

  12. Lovely lovely quilt Kat. I’m a bit of a hoarder, but only since doing a few too drastic culls and regretting the “lost” things so much… Thats the excuse I’m sticking to anyway…

  13. LOVED the candid shots!(almost as much as I love that quilt!)

    Your girls will really appreciate that as they grow older.

    Im so not a hoarder. Mr. P is though. I threw out things he had managed to keep for 20 years when I moved in here ….

  14. I LOVE that quilt sooooo much! It looks awsome and is such an amazing idea! Would you be interested in making me a little snuggle quilt? (yes i’m a terrible hoarder as well)(oh and I cant sew) Your so right when you wrote about saving all the clothes for 25 years and our kids may not even have girls or for that matter might not even have the same fashion taste as us so this quilt is an incredible idea! Something to cherish forever!

    I havnt seen you guys for ages, have you had Hannah’s hair cut short? I cant beleive how dark it is looking now and how grown up she looks in these photos! Can you beleive only 4 weeks and they are off to school!

  15. My mom is a giver-awayer and I am too. Not my husband, though. just tonight he said, “I need you to stop it with the books” as I was asking about some of his books that i want to give away….

  16. That’s so weird, I brought down and sorted the baby clothes from the loft yesterday! I’ve only kept the ones I have an emotional investment in and plan a wee quilt in this manner. Yours is so beautiful (although mine will be ALL pink!!!) and I adore the photoshoot out takes! xox

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