This week my creative space has been in a bit of a slump.

I’ve discovered that sewing & me having a head cold need to be mutually exclusive to each other. 
I even tried again this morning. 
It took me FOUR tries to sew a simple (usually 15 minute) skirt and I had to unpick too many times to count.
Not cool!
My saving grace – making these Bloggers Choice Bundles for this little competition here.
I think I’ve become addicted!
Seriously – I could actually sit here and move virtual fabric around ALL DAY haha…
So I showed you my first one yesterday. I’m still in love with it so I can’t resist showing you again…
Bloggers Choice Bundle #1 version 2
Then I went on to making a second:
Bloggers Choice Bundle #2
Must have been feeling a little autumnal or something since our season’s are changing here, because these are not my usual go to colours by any stretch!! But do you know what – I’m completely and utterly in love with the combo, and I think I might even like it better than the first combo.
Go figure!
Which brings me to selection number three:
(Look away Hadley…)
Bloggers Choice Bundle #3
I specifically tried to include brown in this one. Because brown is outside of my usual taste & comfort zone and I wanted to challenge myself to making a bundle including brown that I actually liked.
{Because I’m strange like that.}
And you know what – I do actually like it!
Like it strongly even.
Mind you – it also has my other two favourite colours in… perhaps they could be blinding me to the brown?
Whatever the case, I still like it.
Now I’m tempted to make another. And another. And another. of these gorgeous virtual combinations.
Told you I was addicted!
But they are just so darn fun to make!
Mind you fabric selection & patchwork is usually always my favourite part of the sewing process (if you don’t count finishing that is ;)).

What about you – what is your favourite part of the sewing process?

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  1. Fabric selection and patchwork are my favourites too. Although I am trying to love quilting more. (Because that gets me to my other favourite, finishing!)

  2. You are on a roll. Given the budget I would buy all three of your bundles. And the browns you chose are strong ones. I like them because they aren’t murky blah browns. Hope you are getting over that cold!

  3. My favourite part of the sewing process is ironing 🙂 I just love pressing a seam, I know what can I say..Ive gone through so many irons over the years because of it hahaha.

  4. Love number two! But then there is Echo and text fabric and bunting!

    Hope you feel better soon and can get back to sewing – might be a bit cheaper….!

  5. Those are really great bundles! Love all the fabric choices!!

    I love choosing fabric for a sewing item! Seeing which colours work which ones don’t, then swapping them around to break up the colours =D

  6. Fabric selection is my favourite and gives me so much joy. I like the second combination you put up. Sympathy from here with your head cold. I have one too at the moment. Wishing you a speedy get well soon. Thanks for visiting and your kind comment over at mine. Cx

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