I have been making some challenging custom orders recently…

They have all been about the layers, layers and more LAYERS!…
The first one was a plastic lined make up pouch…
Plastic covered make up pouch
I was extremely nervous about how this would turn out in the beginning. My client wanted the bike fabric to be totally enclosed in plastic (inside and out) to make it protected and wipe-able. So each side has 4 layers of fabric – the plastic outer, the fabric outer, the lining & the plastic lining. Then there is also 4 plastic covered pockets in the inside.
That meant that at some points I was sewing through 4 layers of plastic & 2 of fabric.
*ahem* Fun!
or maybe not…

Plastic covered make up pouch
I was so relieved when it all came together though. With the exception of the top stitching my machine coped really well with sewing the plastic. I just used a teflon foot and what a difference that made from last time! (which by the way it turned out that I had a teflon foot all along – it came with my sewing machine. It always pays to investigate what the feet do doesn’t it!)
The only part my machine didn’t like was when I was top stitching – the plastic on the top & bottom just proved to be a bit too much for it. It coped with a bit of gentle “guidance & persuasion”, just not as neatly as I’d have liked.
Second up was a cover for my client’s Mac Book.
Again with the many many layers – this time the fun was with internal layers of fleece. I used 2 on each side, plus of course the exterior & lining fabrics, because I didn’t think 1 layer of fleece would provide enough protection.
I won’t be doing this again. My machine did NOT like all of those layers when top stitching. Neither machine did. It was just too too think. Especially when it can to stitching down the velcro…
Mac book cover
Mac book cover
So next time then tough – 1 layer of fleece it is!

I think I pulled both projects off in the end though. I certainly learned a lot about my machine’s capacity for doing thick layers and had some words with both machines in the process!

However, regardless of the small frustrations and issues with the layers, I can see more of both of these projects in my future. They are both very useful items. Always a bonus! 🙂
Have you got any suggestions for sewing on velcro though? Neither of my machines seems to like doing that at ALL and I could really use some advice.

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  1. For the plastic did you use the iron on plastic? I have a huge roll Ive been meaning to tackle. When I sew velcro I always put in a new needle and use my zipper foot, as well as buying the soft baby type of velcro.

  2. Okay, I have the laminating iron on stuff that makes fabric wipeable, so not as many layers there thankfully (Teflon feet rock though!)

    For the iPad pouches, what I always do with bags etc where I’m using fleece, is I trim the fleece back to be just inside the seam allowance, that way you don’t have all the bulk in the seams (which makes for neater edges)

    For velcro, I make sure that I never go into the loopy part, but very carefully go round the edge twice, then I avoid the machine thread issues.

    Hope that helps!

  3. I did an Ipad cover last year and only used one layer in each side and it turned out fine. It’s really more to protect against scratches and bumps and dings. I think you did a great job!

  4. My Singer hated Velcro. Didn’t matter how I approached it, it always ended messy. The newer Bernina, doesn’t have an issue with Velcro, just stitches through as if it wasn’t there. I know this is very little help, but you have my sympathy!

  5. I am no good at sewing velcro, that is why I am asking you to make my ipad cover 🙂 Do you have brown fleece? Can you line the inside of mine in brown? I would also like to add a crochet trim on the flap so if you could leave a little extra room underneath that to allow for the trim that would be great….I’m getting excited now!

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