The last few days have been busy!
It’s school holidays here and that’s adding a few extra adventures from the usual. We have been enjoying visitors and venturing out to make up for the week at home we’ve just enjoyed endured due to sickness.

But today my sister-in-law and parents took the kids for a few hours and I got to spend some much craved time with my sewing machine.
I found some of my favourite fabrics to work with and must have had birds on my brain…

Four outfit sets made this morning for my shop and photos taken for 2 different tutorials.
As my paternal Grandfather used to say “there’s a good job jobbed…”

It was fun to do some garment sewing again!
Tomorrow is hopefully a go at some more shorts.
That will be novel.

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Kat Soper is a serial entrepreneur and Founder of The Helpful Academy. She lives with her husband and two daughters in whichever country they're calling home at the moment.

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