Recently I had the great pleasure of trying out my friend Jennie from Clover & Violet’s new pattern “The Emma Clutch”…

Now firstly, before I show you the pictures, can I just say how brave Jennie was to ask me to make one for her!!! Because most of you know by now that I do not follow patterns well right?! That may be the biggest understatement ever actually.
Truth be known, I totally suck at following directions and patterns make me break out into a cold sweat with heart palpitations.
– If only I was exaggerating, but unfortunately that’s the truth.

That being said, I’m thrilled to say that I survived following this pattern!!
Not just survived but I actually enjoyed the process and still managed to avoid pulling all my hair out during the process.
Only one string of rude(ish) words was uttered and that was my stupid mistake… I take full responsibility for that one.

So Jennie, super well done because if getting me to be able to follow the pattern successfully is not high praise then I don’t know what is! LOL…

Here is my version…

My version of "The Emma Clutch" front

And back:

My version of "The Emma Clutch" the back
PS Susan I chose that goldfish especially for you because it’s called “Helen”.
But no that doesn’t mean you get to keep the pouch. Sorry. 😉

And the inside showing the 4 internal pockets…

View of the Emma Clutch Inside

Isn’t it cool?
I decided to embrace this challenge and used my 2 favourite colours with a bunch of my my favourite fussy cutting fabrics.
My only disappointment was that I didn’t think so much about the pleats or shape when I did my fabric placement and unfortunately a few of my children at play favourite fussy cuts got eaten up in the pleats.
Never mind, only I would ever know that they were supposed to be feature fabrics…

The pattern is actually written with instructions and a pattern to hand embroider the flap as well. But as you know I’m not a hand sewer/embroider (yet) so I left that bit off. I actually wanted to do it because Jennie’s looked SO cute, but if I went for that option I fear I would have put it off and never finished the clutch.
I know myself well!

There are 2 other places I didn’t follow the pattern 100%… One was since I didn’t do the embroidery on the flap I decided to round its corners. And the other was that I didn’t have any sew in magnetic claps so I improvised with what I had and used a sew on one instead.
So actually now that I think about it I DID do some hand sewing on the pouch 😉

If you are looking for a cute quilted clutch pattern then I highly recommend Jennie’s pattern!

As much as I love this clutch I think I might list it in my shop because I just can’t keep everything. So if anyone is interested let me know and I’ll list it for you 🙂

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  1. Really a cute clutch. If/when I have a pattern that needs to be tested, I’m contacting you–I think someone who doesn’t ordinarily follow a pattern closely is a GREAT pattern tester!! Love all your fussy cutting.

  2. What’s the world coming to???? Kat following a pattern… accurately! Just as well I was sitting down when I read that!
    No but seriously- gorgeous clutch with great fabrics. Wouldn’t expect any less from you 😀

  3. Kat, well done, it’s very cute. We are opposites in that I am a pedantic follower of instructions when sewing or stitching. It looks like a great size…

  4. I love the Emma clutch. It is so pretty. It does look like a lot of work though. Well done to you for doing it. Don’t know how you find the time. Also adore your quilts.

  5. Gorgeous clutch! Please stop giving me ideas of more bags to make, cause now I want to make this. I swear I am going to drown in bags 😉

  6. I love your version and since Im pattern-phobic myself your recommendation makes me think even I could do this!

    Way to go on conquering your fear. Now I really must go sew a zip….

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