Last night was a big night in this house, as Mr Flutter & I got all “frocked up” and sparkly (well I did, him not so much) and headed into the city for the NECA Awards night…

What are the NECA Awards?
Well, in a nutshell NECA stands for National Communications & Electrical Association. Last night was the presentation of their 2012 WA Excellence & Apprentice Awards where my clever Mr Flutter was one of the 4 state finalists for the 2012 4th year Apprentice of the Year in the Industrial category.
It was a huge honour for him to have been nominated by his company, then to have made it into the top 4 for our state and
I am so extremely proud of him for his achievements!

Of course I’ve always known that he works extremely hard for our family, but it’s truly awesome to see his hard work recognised within his industry also.

Unfortunately he didn’t win the award and is understandably disappointed.
But, never the less he’ll always be a winner in my eyes.

We had a lovely evening. It is not every weekend we get to eat a posh dinner rubbing shoulders with a handful of the “biggest wigs” of the multi billion dollar company he works for (CEO, COO, Owner etc etc).
What an experience.
Intimidating much though?

Well done Neil.
I’m so proud of you

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  1. You mean you don’t cook fancy family meals every day. Woman, pull yourself together 😉 just kidding…

    Can’t see the pictures but it sound like a fab night. Congratulation on the nomination.

  2. Well done to Mr Flutter for getting so far, what an honour and acheivment. We all know how hard he has worked and how it has been hard on you all. I really wish him well in his next steps

  3. Congratulations Mr. Flutter! Although I do believe they miscounted & you should have been #1!!
    You both look wonderful – but next time, BOTH Flutters should have sparkley shoes…. ;^)

  4. Awwww…that is AWESOME!! I can see why you are so proud! What an honor! Even though he didn’t win overall, what an amazing achievement to even get to be there. I’m thrilled for you and your family!

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