Mouthy stitches tote finished by Flutter from.Kat (Mummastimetocreate)

This morning I put the final touches on the tote I made for my mouthy stitches partner…

I had so much fun planning and making this. I’d forgotten how much I love doing swaps… The excitement and thrill of making something secretively for a person who understands and loves handmade.
Yes the thrill for me is definitely more in the making than the receiving.

I just hope my partner likes what I’ve made for her. There is always that small niggle of insecurity that they won’t. But she commented positively on my progress shot so I suspect this is right up her alley.

See the hand stitching? I’m really quite proud of that. Because it’s the first official hand embellished item I’ve made.
And I even liked the process.

Will this be the start of something new? Hmmm…. Perhaps.
But let’s not count our chickens…

Kat xx

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  1. It is a beautiful bag and I am sure that your partner will love it too. Swaps are fun. I missed out on this one but I am still doing the swap with Amy as a Paramouthy stitches swap! Di x

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