More zippy zip zippers….


I am on a roll with ticking things off my to-do list this week.
If feels good I have to tell you!
But I have found some time to do some more fun sewing too. These fun zipper pouches have been some of the fruits of my labour…

Another fun scrappy pouch. Just because.

Another scrappy pouch...

Ok just because I may have accidentally sent one of the ones I made for the sample swap on to someone else and had to replace it with something else… oops…
And judging by emails received last night this will not be the last either…

Secondly I finally worked up the courage to try out my lace zippers…

How cute are these lace zippers!

Aren’t they super cute? I am in love with them!
I have been sitting on these for what feels like f.o.r.e.v.e.r. and trying to muster up the brain space to try something new. But I finally kicked myself into gear and tried a couple yesterday and I’m in love with the results…

Lace Zipper Pouch
Cup of tea anyone?
Another lace Zipper Pouch...
Hmmm wonder where this is going with it’s matching card?!

They are actually SUPER easy! Like, seriously seriously easy.
Kicking myself for putting them off for so long much?!
The only thing wrong with the method that I used is that I didn’t use zipper tabs like I normally do. The finish was still reasonably neat even without those, but moreso than anything it just limits the size of the pouch more because the zippers are not that long.

I got mine from here ages and ages ago and I notice that they have a bunch of other cute pulls available now. I’m already plotting how I can justify buying the ballerina ones. How much would Miss H love those for a ballet bag!!

I’ve also finished my name tag for another FQ Retreat swap. I’ll show you that next week because I haven’t edited the photos yet and I can’t have you knowing who it’s for 😉

This is my outgoing mail pile today…

That’s just the personal stuff not even the business stuff!
Shows I’ve been busy huh…
Could any of it be for you I wonder?
I’m not telling! heheheh

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  1. Hiya, I have been hunting a particular fabric and came across it on your blog….totally by accident, but so glad that I did……and how delighted was I to find you are a Perth girl like me. On Feb 23 you had some pics of a zippy pouch covered in plastic and a laptop bag. The bike fabric you used, can you tell me what it’s called or where I can purchase it??? I have 2 sons and a husband who are psychotic cyclists and it would be perfect to do some stuff for them. My email is Looking forward to following your blog too now.

    Cheers Tanya

  2. Hi, found you from Lily’s Quilts and just wanted to say lovely pouches and it’s really nice to see the ones using lace zippers. I’ve been interested in getting some but uncertain if it would look “ok”. (Very much a want to see before i buy girl!) May have to invest in some now!

  3. Kat, I sent you an email, but wanted to post on here too and tell everyone how I am the lucky person that received the gorgeous purse with a cup of tea on it, love it and love the lace and key zipper. Thank you so much Sam


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