After a slow week my creative space has been humming again today making more dresses for my upcoming shop opening…

I’m getting quite a collection going…

I think I’m about ready on the clothes front now.
For the first market anyway.
But as I have 7 markets booked in between now and Christmas (eeeeek kinda got my freak on) I’m picking I haven’t seen the back of them completely.

Next up for the sweatshop is things with zippers.
And perhaps some patchwork.
Because the last things I made today were some patchwork skirts…

A sign I’m missing quilting much?!!!

On another note my time making the dresses is getting quicker and quicker…
That dress at the top was made in 30 minutes total from starting to cut the fabric out to sewing on the labels.
Amazing what can happen when I’m on a tight deadline to do the school run.
But it’s also because it’s completely cut using a rotary cutter and ruler.
I’m totally having a love affair with my rotary cutter and can’t wait to release my rotary cutter garment patterns. It saves SO much time cutting that way!!
My mind is totally consumed right now with dreaming up what patterns I can make with my rotary cutter next.

Linking up with Leonie over at Show and Tell.

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  1. Adorableness!! your dresses are so sweet, I’m sure you’ll sell lots! You can always take custom orders if you sell out right?
    I also am Loving the patchwork skirt!! Is that another of your new patterns? Man you are killing me with the wait here. ^-^ lol

  2. Go Kat go!

    I totally freaked out my bag making class by telling them to step away from the pins and the scissors and just run the rotary cutter round the pattern, but once they tried it they were hooked!

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