This is our second month into the new CARE do. Good Stitches bee and I must admit that I’m really enjoying myself making blocks for great causes.

Ours is an international circle, so each month the blocks will go towards making a quilt for a cause of the quilter’s choice that month.
This month was Delores’ month. Delores also lives in Australia, and this month she is making a quilt for a family who lost their Wife, Mother, Sister etc… Shanean last year to non-hodgekins lymphoma. She was only 37.
You can read about her journey here in the blog that her husband kept if you would like to. Such a sad story.

So these are my contributions to the quilt. I used this tutorial here.
The colours specified were various shades of teal & green, so I thought that this Amy Butler print was a perfect match.

February CARE block 2
February CARE block 1

As well as making blocks each month of this bee, every 5 months I am one of the quilters and it is also my turn to set the block assignments, gather the blocks and make them into a quilt. We are only supposed to make 1 quilt in our month, however, I have gained everyone in the bee’s permission to put the block contributions toward my Blankets of Love for the hospital. Which means that it will be much better to make a large bunch of very small quilts rather than combine the quilts into 1 big quilt…

March is my month so I’ve currently got my thinking cap on for a suitable block design. I’ve a few options but haven’t quite settled on an idea… I’m not sure whether it’s better to get them to make 1 big block and have 1 block = 1 blanket, or whether we make combine 4 smaller blocks into 1 blanket.
Eeek lots to contemplate. Settling on a block design in the first place would really be helpful!

Wish me luck! Not long to go until I have to make my decision!!

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  1. Beautiful! Fab choice in fabric.

    I’m happy to make what ever block you’d like in what ever size you choose. Can’t wait to see what you decide on!

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