Monday Monday…


The start of a new week, when all I really want to do is recover from last week.
Am I the only one who gets that feeling?

Anyway, there were a few good things that happened today to shine some light on my day. Firstly I got a spectacularly great swap package in the mail from a old bee friend (old as in we are no longer in the same bee, not old as in age 😉 )…

It promised to be good from the outside…

And the inside did not disappoint!

Yummy swap goodies...

Flea market fancy (a whole fat quarter!), Lots of Heather Ross & lots of Japanese goodness.

I also made time to make good on a promise – a new dress for my “model”…

"Finally... a dress for ME" says Hannah...

All too often I tease the poor girl with getting to try on pretty new clothes and every time she gets attached even though I explain that “they are for Mummy’s shop”… So after I cleaned out her wardrobe and figured out that actually all her good dresses were at least a size too small if not 2 sizes, I decided it was time to make my own daughter a new dress. There were certainly no complaints at that idea!! 😉

Hannah got to pick the fabric (within reason… I will admit that I declined a few choices at first – e.g. the pink sequins!) and sternly stood watch over me to make sure I didn’t stuff up 😉

I also thought you might like to know that there is another Flutter from.Kat pattern giveaway happening in blog land at the moment. Head on over to Anorina’s blog “Samelia’s Mum” to enter & have a chance to win a copy of 2 of my patterns.
While you are there you should also check out her fabric shop Fabric Buzz. I have purchased from it before and was very impressed with both the prices & speed of service!

Right, time to go, dinner prep beckons… We are having pesto & chicken pasta tonight thanks to a gift of some home made {and home grown} pesto from a kind friend this morning. Homemade pesto – yummo!

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  1. Wonderful goodies you received in the mail! And that dress is so sweet. I’m guilty of being behind on making things for my own kids (blanket, pillow case, pencil/scissors/ruler organizer thingy) Your daughter made good fabric choices and she looks awfully cute!

  2. what a cute dress, it’s winter or rather just cold here, but my daughter did go to school in a danish long sleeved dress with tights- her matching stockings got dirty, so imagine a grey dress with purple tights with silver dots on them and then white socks! LOVELY 🙂


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