Today was a special day in our house…
A certain Flutter girl had her birthday…

Note the “Mummy-made” new hat…

What a fun day!
And what a super duper blessing this girl is on our household!
Hannah took great joy in telling people all day that it was her birthday and that she has turned four, making sure that she had four fingers held up each time and all.

We immensely enjoyed celebrating her today.
And it is fair to say that she revelled in being celebrated!

6.30am this was the picture that greeted her…

It looks a bit more impressive than it is – the dolls house was actually a Christmas present, but it has been confiscated for the last month due to the girls not looking after it very well. But it made the perfect backdrop for Hannah’s new birthday Barbies, and it was time to allow them to have it back. They have been warned though – if I see any water in the bathtub or toilet then away it goes to the shed again so that they don’t completely wreck it… (who can blame them though – I’m sure I would have done the same thing!…)

They were both SO thrilled to have it back. It kept littlest Flutter wonderfully entertained while her sister opened her new toys, and she didn’t feel left out at all…

That Ken in the background is a “vintage” one from my childhood collection.

Helium balloons have become a bit of a birthday tradition in our house. They are a great & inexpensive way to set a birthday mood in the house.
This year Daddy decided to get 4 – 1 for each year of her age. I did point out to him that it probably wasn’t a good idea to actively tell her that. She will otherwise expect the same from now on. That could get expensive fast and one day we might have an “up” situation on our hands. LOL

Hannah was very specific with her birthday requests this year. Every time I asked her what she’d like for her birthday she kept saying she’d like flowers. She does so love flowers and regularly asks for them when we’re at the shops, or out in the garden, so today we went to the florist and allowed her to pick her very own bunch…

When I asked her what her favourite meal is that Mummy cooks, that she’d like to have for her birthday dinner she chose sausages. I thought she meant a barbecue, but no – she was quick to correct me that she wanted “potatoes (mashed), broccoli, carrots & corn.”
No one can ever criticise Hannah for not knowing what she wants that’s for sure!

She also requested a “white cake with black”.
It took me a little while to work out that she meant a white chocolate mud-cake which is about the only cake she really likes. I’m not quite sure why it took me so long to click!

I just love how happy she looks in that photo above!!

What a wonderful relaxing family day we had today. Not doing anything super exciting to write home about, just an easy day enjoying each others company and giving the girls time to play with the new toys.

We just put one very tired but content girl to bed and I suspect she will sleep extremely well tonight!

Love you Miss Four!

Now we get to do it all over again in 2 sleeps for Mr Flutter’s birthday. He has rather significantly more candles on his cake though 😉

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  1. Happy Birthday Hannah. So pleased you had a good day. Your flower choices are perfect and your day looks pretty perfect too. Bet you make the best four year old ever!

  2. Aw! What great photos! Happy birthday, Miss H! Love the little photo of Mini Flutter. She’s a cute little peanut there playing with her Barbies!

  3. What an awesome birthday!! We do helium balloons here as well. But we have started buying a one use can of helium so we can have lots and lots for less money 🙂

  4. Happy birthday to Hannah!

    btw I believe bathtubs for dolls should really tolerate some water without being destroyed – otherwise they are bad quality and I would blame the manufacturer-not the girls 🙂 I had an antique doll´s house when I was little- with delicate furniture, real porcelaine and glasses, guess what I did with the bathtub? 😉

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