Just a quick note to say a quick “hi” and

Merry Christmas!!

I hope you are all well and enjoying this season we are in (or if you are like me at least looking forward to, once everything is finally arranged and you can sit down to take a breath).

last 2013 market weekendI have just finished my last market weekend for the year.
Phew! It was another double market weekend and after sewing like a maniac for it all week I am ready to put my feet up.

So, after a very busy December I am signing off now for a well earned 2 week break. I will post my 52 week projects but that’s about you can expect to hear from me for the next wee while.
Instead I plan to relax, read, spend time with my family (who is all together for the first time in years!), and perhaps sneak a bit of personal sewing in here or there.

As a little Christmas present for those interested I have placed all my patterns on sale. They are now priced starting at $2 each and are all on sale for the holiday…

Pattern Sale-43-43

You can view all the details and purchase here…



From my family to yours –

Have a wonderful holiday everyone!




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  1. Merry Christmas, Kat, to you and all the family. Enjoy your well deserved break. Hope you have a lovely time and Santa leaves you something nice under the tree.

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