Marathon Sewing… Hello Finished Blankets of Love!!


    Well… for the first time in quite a while my little sewing space was a hummin’ for the entire day!
    One of my very kind friends offered to have the girls over to play at her house for me today so I could have a little time to myself…
    Gee what to do, what to do?!…
    Spend some time sewing uninterrupted of course!

    I have had 10 Blankets of Love contributed by my CARE do Good.stitches bee sitting on my desk just waiting to be bound for an embarrassing length of time now. I had quilted them already but they needed their binding.
    – Binding is my least favourite part of quilting (although cutting is a close second) so needless to say I have not been looking forward to binding 10 quilts and was procrastinating somewhat!
    But it needed doing.
    And I think my not getting it over with has possibly been partially responsible for my creative block.
    So I decided to devote the day to getting them finished so that I could then {guilt free} move onto sewing something fun.
    And hopefully then get my mojo fully back. Woop.

    A start was made & before long I’d got into the groove was pumping them out, and I can’t believe it but I actually got all 10 finished in a day.
    That makes me very very pleased!

    Binding of CARE baby quilts finally in motion

    By Daisy & Jack, A Labour of Love, Three Honey Bees,  Fluffy Sheep Quilting

    The pink 4 Blankets of Love
    By  Kristinpaton, Lucy FleurNutterbug, Listen to the Birds Sing

    By:  Just Jude DesignsLifesrichpattern, The finished pile of today’s quilts,
    Lastly the full 16 

    The pile of all 10 finished today…

    Wahoooo 10 baby quilts are bound & ready for washing

    I also have 6 more which were sent to me finished to add to the pile, but I need to photograph those individually before I can show them to you.
    How cool is that number though – 16 all ready to be sent to the hospital!!
    Hopefully they will offer 16 families a little comfort while their babies are in the hospital.

    So thank you so much everybody that contributed to making this happen!

    I also finally got photos taken today {as requested} for sharing my machine binding process with you. Hopefully it won’t take me months to write it up now 😉

    Anyway do you know what finishing those means?
    Tomorrow I get to start a new project…
    Eeeek!!! Can’t wait!

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    1. Gorgeous! I have been meaning to contact you actually. I have one finished and ready to send to you. I have another top done up but haven’t been able to get it quilted and finished. Remind me of your postal address and I will get the completed one sent to add to these 🙂 x


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