Either way, I did it today!!

Paper Piecing in progress

Paper piecing that is…
To be perfectly honest paper piecing has never grown on me. I’ve always found it pretty tedious and it’s never come naturally for my poor brain.
But like it or not one of my Sew & Bee-Happy friends Hilary requested a paper pieced block for her August month.

I will neither confirm nor deny whether one of the main reasons I’m late with this block is because it was paper pieced…
Me, procrastinate?! Surely not 😉

I was anticipating a battle and lots of unpicking action but as it happened by some small miracle it all went pretty flawlessly.
Only 1 small seam needed unpicking – of course it was the last piece just as I was getting cocky & to the bottom of my beer.
Typical Huh.
What is it they say – pride comes before a fall right?!

But the main thing is that I did it. Woop!
And it wasn’t so much like having a tooth pulled as I thought it might be….

August Sew & Bee-Happy block for Quilary

I love the block design. Hilary did pick a great block. Even if it was paper pieced.

I think I’m now officially up to Septembers bee blocks.
3 days left to go of September. Hmmm… Think I’ll make it?
I guess it’s just as well that we have no plans tomorrow & miserable weather is forecast!

Do you dislike paper piecing as much as me?
Tell me I’m not the only one who just can’t seem to wrap her head around it… Please!

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  1. Kat I totally agree with you, I have tried a few times in the past and decided tat it is not for me. I do like English paper piecing for the times when hand sewing is the only option, long journeys, lunch break at work, waiting for appointments and so on. I also like some hand sewing when watching tv, I have a low boredom threshold and fidget otherwise. I know that I should persevere but life is too short and there are too many things that I enjoy doing. Pam

  2. I like it mostly b/c it makes my sewing look amazing. Those blocks were a bit challenging to me, but I’m glad to have done Hilary’s block once. Yours looks great!

  3. I have to say that I love paper piecing, the patterns that you can get from it outweigh all the fiddly bits! I didn’t try it until Sheila got us to do a block for the mystery quilt and she showed us to a great you tube video. I love the block you have made

  4. It looks fantastic Kat…thanks for taking the plunge and having a go. I do like foundation paper piecing, as you can tell, but I haven’t ever done a whole quilt in it, so this is going to be a whole new adventure for me too! Thanks for your lovely contribution!

  5. I love the results that you can get from paper piecing, and enjoy seeing how little bits of something nothing come together to make something amazing.

    BUT… I can’t do it when I’m tired and the minute that I start making mistakes it is best to stop IMMEDIATELY! I am halfway through a paper pieced block at the moment and I just can’t motivate myself to finish it… better get on! Wish me better luck today!

  6. sorry Kat, I can’t agree, I am a fan of paper piecing, particularly because I like miniature piecing & then it is a great help. But….when you can make such lovely patchwork without a foundation, what does it matter – you excel at what you do.

  7. i love paper piecing – when i’m in the right mood! i think it helps to get a rhythm going. i don’t think you can get much of that when only doing one quilt block! and i agree with the poster who said to stop as soon as you start making mistakes – tho i follow that rule with all quilting/sewing projects in general. also, i must say that i’ve seen this block done by a few others and this is probably my fave one so far! love the fabrics!!

  8. Strange to say- I hate the process, but love the outcome! And I also hate that it blunts my machine needle extra fast!
    But you have achieved a good result, so can give yourself permission to celebrate.

  9. So nice to hear I’m in good company with others who don’t love paper piecing. What I do love is fabric, and sewing it onto paper takes away much of the tactile pleasure for me. Not to mention that I can’t get used to the upside-down and backwardness of it!

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