Yesterday I undertook some hand embroidery. I know I know… Don’t die of shock.
As Hannah had never seen me do any before she came and watched in fascination…
“What are you doing Mum?”
“I’m sewing Hannah”
“That’s not sewing” she said with a giggle as if to say ‘don’t try and trick me Mum!’
That made me chuckle – the fact that she actually thought I was tricking her that it wasn’t “real” sewing.

So today I decided that it was time to educate her in hand sewing since we have a few different projects to work through.
I started with the easier project… She was very keen to get going but has patience just like her Mother and  kept complaining in a huff “I can’t do it!!!” when she couldn’t do it perfectly the first time.
Of course after a while (with lots of encouragement) she got in the groove and was away laughing…

It’s just as well she doesn’t know how to swear though or I suspect she would have sounded like a sailor in her frustration of learning the process LOL… A bit of a perfectionist like her mother she likes to be able to do things well the first time.
But she’s already asked if we can make the purple one tomorrow, and she cried when we couldn’t finish it today because we had to go to a birthday party, so it can’t have been that bad!
Hopefully we’ll have a few finished projects to show soon.

As for my hand sewing, most of that I can’t show you for a while yet booo hooo.
Hopefully I can show a sneak peak next time though 🙂
Have a lovely weekend

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  1. How lovely that your daughter is getting the sewing bug, that looks like the perfect project for her! I can’t wait for my daughter (currently 3) to be old enough to have a go. She has done a bit of lacing and threading though, so it’s a step in the right direction!

  2. She’ll soon be “borrowing” from your stash – or worse, making you buy fabric for her very own stash. And heaven help you if you try to “borrow” from her stash. Been there, done that! :oD

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