I’ve been a bit quieter than normal this week, both on the blog and other social media…
It’s been busy with multiple projects on the go, Mr Flutter has been home (and I have to admit that he’s a distraction, albeit a welcome one) and lastly I haven’t been very well.
In the end after fighting an infection all week, I succumbed to it on Wednesday and had to go get antibiotics. Yuck.
It took me down for 2 days that I really couldn’t afford to lose in the first place. Grrr. But thankful I seem to be passed the worst of it!

* * *

One of the projects I had on the go was organising a local launch party to introduce my local friends to what I do and feel like I was officially launching my business again. Many of them have been asking for ages where they can see my stuff and been very interested, so it was time I gave them an opportunity to browse. Unfortunately many of the people who wanted to come couldn’t make it that night due to the “silly season” we are in, but it kind of worked out to be the perfect sized event because of that.

It was a lovely laid back evening, hosted in our home…

(The set up before everyone arrived)

IMG_3607 (Large) IMG_3608 (Large) IMG_3614 (Large)

I am so appreciative of how encouraging everyone has been about the launch of my business and my products!

Everybody who came bought multiple things and I’ve even had more orders since!
So thank you everyone for helping make this happen!

Blog ending

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  1. Wow, it looks like you’ve been really busy! Your display is absolutely gorgeous, and I have to say that you living room is everything I wish mine could be. What a wonderful new home!

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