It’s starting to feel a lot like…



    Our Advent calendar has begun…
    Christmas preparation has begun. #adventcalendar #day1

    Our decorations have gone up…

    Hmmm this could be fun... It's not even decorated yet & already she can't resist it. Oh Bella, Bella Bella....
    Hmmm… yes this could be fun right!

    Christmas decorations in the making...
    It’s the year of handmade Christmas decorations in our house…

    And a Christmas CD is in the stereo to boogie along to…

    Boogieing along to some Christmas music...
    I am feeling surprisingly prepared for Christmas this year. 
    It’s definitely a first!!
    Most of our presents are bought, mailed & have already arrived at their destinations. Just one more to be sent tomorrow and that’s only going to interstate so that’s no big deal.
    I’ve even bought much of my food for Christmas Day already.
    So for a change I’m feeling relaxed and ready to enjoy the ambience.
    I am looking forward to this December immensely…
    Tonight we sat and read the Christmas story together at the girls’ bedtime. 
    It was good to sit & reflect on the origin of Christmas and what it truly means to us together as a family.
    Day 3 on the advent calendar tomorrow. I’ve already looked ahead and we are all set to 
    “take a walk and find some wild flowers to pick together”. 
    Bring it on I say!

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    1. My favourite time of year!
      I love your advent calendar – must admit I’ve been totally slack with ours this year. I’m blaming moving the week before Christmas 😉


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