Because that seems to be the limit to my domestic goddess ability!!!

I have no gardening ability – aka I kill every plant within a 10m radius of my home –
And today, yet again, I proved that the kitchen and I are not friends!!

It all started with a crazy notion (inspired by this kitchen goddess) that I would attempt to make some homemade mince pies this year as a surprise for my pining-for-all-things-an-English-winter-Christmas-brings husband.
This will (I think) be his 9th Christmas in hot climates, and so I’m told “it’s just not the same” apparently.
I wouldn’t know any differently but whatever…

Anyway, out of love for him I decided to be a “proper wife” (a joke for the benefit of my Mother-in-law not his words 😉 ) and give the home baking thing a go. Susan had assured me that it was easy as pie (mince pie to be exact!).
So on Tuesday I got busy making some mincemeat to let it “age” for a few days in the fridge.
Recipe found here.
And today, with Neil’s arrival home imminent, we got busy making the pies…

I had planned to make Susan’s pastry recipe, because it did sound yummy! The only problem was that when I went to make a start it turned out I’d used all the caster sugar making lemonade.
So instead we decided to use the shortcrust pastry that I knew we had in the freezer.

We got busy cutting…

We got busy filling…

We got busy singing Christmas carols…

Spot danger mouse in the background? I told you she gives me grey hairs!!

Ahhh, so pretty we thought – “Daddy will be so proud”…

We watched them cook and held our breath…

But we needed have bothered holding our breath, because despite me greasing the billeo out of those darn muffin tins they still stuck…

Booo hooooo hooooo…..

And our lovely mince pies ended up looking like this…

Total slush!!

Very nice tasting slush, but still slush none the same…

I did manage to get a few, almost whole ones, so at least we have a somewhat decent plate full to present to Mr Flutter this afternoon on his arrival…

It’s the thought that counts right?

To be honest I really don’t think he’ll mind in the slightest – Now he has the perfect excuse to eat 10 of them at once with a spoon and a plate full of custard. Sounds like his dream come true to me LOL…

I just hope that the Christmas cake I also made for a surprise for him turned out better!
Me being in the kitchen baking sure is love I tell you!

But to end on a more positive note, I just got a text from my sewing machine repair man and Big Brother is ready to be picked up. WOOO HOOOO for that!!

Hope your Christmas baking has gone a little smoother!!

PS don’t worry about giving me advice of what to do next time. I already know what to do better next time – IF indeed there ever is one 🙂 LOL…

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  1. Oh… You get maximum points for trying though LOL. Here it’s much the same actually. Me=kitchen disaster. In search for the ever perfect Chrustmas dinner DH dies everything himself now. Well, I set the table and clear a few dishes but other than that he is all on his own. I wish you and your family a peaceful Christmas.

  2. You could add them to a tub of vanilla icecream…..and call it mince pie icecream. I had a similar disaster this week. I had plans on making oreo balls. I over heated the chocolate and now we have moon rocks. lolol The main thing is they taste good.

  3. As soon as I saw the photos I thought “woops, not enough pastry and too much mincemeat … look out for overflowing pies and impossibleness of getting them out of the baking tray”. I bet they taste great though!

    Sorry for being a know it all. :oD

  4. Och, sure, they’re going to get more mushed where they’re going… My baking will be done tomorrow at mum and dad’s, but you need tart tins for next time, then all should be sweetness and light :o)

    Glad Big Brother is returning to the fold though :o)

  5. We are similar in so many ways…first, I couldn’t keep a plant alive if it were silk (those require dusting – forget about it) and baking…well let’s just say my neighbor provides lovely goodies for my family this time of year. Susan has decided she is taking me on a food tour of the world when we are old & gray and our kids are grown – seems much easier if she would just cook it all for us and have us over for a pajama party….don’t ya think?

  6. Ahem, I do think people are ganging up on me! 😉

    I bet Neil was pleased as punch that you even tried. And if you think that everything goes right for me in the kitchen then I will just let you think that, while I whistle innocently in the corner!

    Kat, I hope all of you have a fabulous Christmas and that Neil licks the plate of every last crumb of mince pie and cake!

  7. Well thank goodness I wasn’t the only one with a kitchen disaster today! I made a gorgeous gingerbread house only to have it collapse and fall apart in about 10 minutes….aaaaaggghhh! I have saved the bit in the fridge and will try again tomorrow after the mayhem and before family arrives to try and salvage it. It might hold together a bit better if it is cold first?

    Have a fantastic Christmas Kat, I hope you and your family have a lovely day and I would have eaten those mince pies as well being a Pom who misses those things too.

    Blessings and wishes of health and happiness for the coming year xx

    PS Danger Mouse is a great and very apt name! 🙂

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