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The scene: 8.30am and we are rushing out the door to take Hannah to preschool…
I slip my shoes on just as we are about to walk out the door…

Hannah (3): “Mum wait”
Me: “what?”
Hannah (with a tone of total disgust): “you can’t wear those blue shoes, they don’t go with your white dress!! Naughty princess!”
(we were all apparently princesses that morning)
Me: “yes they do thank you very much”
Hannah: “NO Mummy. They DON’T ok!”


Sheesh she’s not even 4 yet and already critical of my dress sense.
What am I in for!

Just sitting outside the airport waiting for Mr Flutter’s plane to land. Yee ha 🙂
Talk to you again soon.

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  1. so cute. my daughter is 7 and has her own style for sure, I will only intervene if it’s totally BAD, but most times it’s not, and she accessorizes with necklaces etc to go to school.

  2. I have the ‘oh you look beautiful’ comments even when I know I am looking awful – so I think it’s best just to ignore everything, they are all crazy. My girls would wear ski socks, tutus and no tops given the choice!

  3. Oh you naughty princess. What were you thinking? Little girls are so cute. I raised three sons and they didn’t care what I was wearing, if I brushed my hair, or if I had on shoes at all. lol.

  4. I like your blue shoes with your white dress a whole lot! You’re looking awfully cute for Mr Flutter! Hope you guys enjoy your time together!

  5. That’s you told! It was my dad that had to be told how to dress. He still does, colour blind old duffer lol

    Oh I mean to say before, I have a quilt top for you for Blankets of Love, but it might be a tad on the big side…

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